Mom of girl who died after hot trampoline punishment speaks out

The mother of an 8-year-old Texas girl who died after being forced to jump non-stop on a hot trampoline apologized to her daughter for not saving her from her allegedly sadistic legal guardians.

Alysha Anderton said she lost custody of her daughter, Jaylin Schwarz, four years ago when she couldn’t overcome her addiction issue within a timeframe set by child protective services.

“I’m so, so sorry that I didn’t bring you back home like I promised you that I would,” Anderton told KOSA-TV when asked what she would say to her daughter.

“I’m sorry for everything that I have put you through.”

The distraught mom said that Jaylin and her younger sister Jayde were moved from their home in Forney, Texas, to Odessa, to live in the custody of Anderton’s stepsister Ashley Schwarz and her husband Daniel Schwarz.

Anderton said she had visitation rights — but she claimed the Schwarzs kept her from ever seeing the girl.

“What upsets me the most is that I never got to see her alive again,” Anderton told the local Odessa outlet. “When they took them, I never got to say goodbye. So I’ve never had closure for the past four years.”

“The first time I saw her in almost four years she was lying in a casket,” Anderton added.

Anderton said she had been working the courts to be allowed to visit her daughters before Jaylin’s August death, but that the process was tied up amid the coronavirus.

“I hope she knows my heart now and she knows that I was trying very, very hard to get to them and I could have saved her,” she said.

On Monday, Daniel and Ashley Schwarz, 44 and 34 respectively, were arrested and charged with capital murder.

Investigators alleged the couple forced the girl to jump on a trampoline for an extended period in 110-degree heat as a form of barbaric punishment.

She had also not been allowed to eat breakfast or drink any water on Aug. 29, the day she died, authorities said.

An autopsy found that the girl’s cause of death was dehydration, and that she been the victim of homicide.

“I was surprised that it wasn’t more than dehydration,” her mother said. “Because the little girl that I saw in the casket did not look like an 8-year-old girl.”

“She was so, so tiny.”

Anderton is now fighting to regain custody of her other daughter Jayde, who child protective services placed in the custody of the Schwarzs’ babysitter, according to the outlet.