Mystery surrounds ‘disturbing language’ Chiefs’ Chris Jones used

A strange moment happened in Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Colts, in which previously winless Indianapolis stunned Patrick Mahomes’ squad for their first victory of the season.

During the fourth quarter, the Chiefs’ Nick Bolton sacked Colts quarterback Matt Ryan on third down, in what should have forced a punt and may have put the game out of reach for the Colts.

However, after the play was over, Kansas City defensive lineman Chris Jones said something to Ryan – and the officials threw a flag, giving the Colts a first down. The penalty kept the drive alive, and allowed Ryan to throw the game-winning touchdown to Jelani Woods for a 20-17 victory.

Chris Jones and Matt Ryan exchange words
Chris Jones and Matt Ryan exchange words

Naturally, many were curious as to what exactly Jones said that caused the officials to throw a flag. Referee Shawn Smith declined to say after the game, saying it would be detailed in the official game report. That report is now out – and there’s still not a ton of clarity.

The report stated Jones used “disturbing language” and there is “no place in professional football” for what he said. Still, the specific words used remain a mystery.

According to Pro Football Talk, Smith thought he should have added taunting to the penalty of unsportsmanlike conduct. The latter penalty is written in the NFL rulebook as “baiting or taunting acts or words that may engender ill will between teams.”

Chris Jones
Chris Jones
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It’s a tricky double-edged sword here; perhaps it’s within Jones’ best interest that the exact words he used don’t get out if they were as bad as they appear. Chiefs fans, however, have to be frustrated with how the officiating was handled, and without any tangible proof of what Jones actually said, some may believe the game was stolen from them by an over-reaching official.

What’s done is done, however, and the Chiefs dropped to 2-1 on the season, still tied for first place in the AFC West. The Colts are now 1-1-1 and second in the AFC South behind the Jaguars.