NBA considering allowing second coach’s challenge if first successful

This makes much more sense than the “technical for flopping” idea.

The NBA competition committee is considering awarding a second challenge to a coach if his first one is successful, reports Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report/TNT.

This could be tested during Summer League, Haynes says.

Under the current system, coaches get one challenge per game, whether it is successful or not. That leaves coaches waiting and cautious, looking for high-leverage situations to use their challenge. This change would allow a coach to use a challenge earlier in the game in a clear case and not lose the one he may want later when much more is at stake.

Adding a second challenge, or allowing a second if the first is successful, is something a lot of people around the league have called for. It could lead to an extra review a game, something nobody is excited about, but this is a chance to get more calls correct with minimal additional reviews.

While it should be tested out, the league should have done this a year or two ago.