NBA Draft 2020: RJ Hampton Explains How Denver Nuggets Are the Best Fit for Him

RJ Hampton is the regular NBA draft that has come as an NCAA product. Instead, he took the path less traveled by when he joined the NBL in Australia. However, the young prospect did not enjoy success like LaMelo Ball, who thrived in the National Basketball League. Nevertheless, the Denver Nuggets signed Hampton after the New Orleans Pelicans gave them the 24th pick in a deal.

The New Zealand Breakers star sounded elated with his final destination and gave an interview that summed up his ambitions. 

RJ Hampton is happy to be part of the Denver Nuggets

In a recent interview that Hampton gave right after getting picked, the star expressed, “A lot of emotions, up and down. Lot of excitement, lot of anxiousness, nervousness, but now it’s finally over. I have an organization that believed in me, the Denver Nuggets, just happy to be there.”

The 6’5” man did not have a very productive last year because of an unfortunate hip injury. He shed light on his NBL year by revealing, “I was 18 years old going there. I had a lot of adversity, that helped me a lot coming into NBA, I can make an immediate impact.”

Hampton and Zeke Nnaji are the two names that have joined the Nuggets to help them with their bench strength. After 2016, when the Nuggets picked Jamal Murray, this is the second time they acquired multiple talents in round 1. 

What will Hampton bring on-board?

The youngster sounded full of confidence when he said, “I think with the team that drafted me is Denver Nuggets, a great team, and the team just got to the WC finals. (I’m) looking to come in and be a guy that sparks. Be a guy that learns from the best on that team, [Nikola] Jokic and Jamal Murray. I don’t see anyone being a better fit for me.“

Hampton can be effectively used on both ends of the court. His length and quickness can work wonders as a point guard. Even as the Nuggets probably lose their key point guards to free agency in the coming year, they can develop RJ to take their position. Also at the offensive end, he can be the slasher who can score in transition. 

Hampton expects to be the best shooter in the coming years and these expectations will also be held by Tim Connelly and the entire Nuggets front office. But as of now, his shooting accuracy has been a matter of concern. Will he be able to get better in his rookie year and take the Denver Nuggets into the playoff depth they recently enjoyed? 

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