NBA Playoffs: Crazy Stat Which Proves All the Hype For Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets Is Justified

The Western Conference Semi-Finals’ opener matchup is the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers. Both the teams have had very contrasting first round of playoffs. While the Lakers had an easy 4-1 win against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Rockets had to fight tooth and nail against Oklahoma City Thunder to make it this far. Their battle went on till game 7 from which they finally came out victorious.

Forget about making and breaking records during a match, their matchup in itself is creating history for a reason. Let’s find out why!

Talented players filled up to the brim for Lakers and Rockets face-off

It is no surprise that both the teams depend on two players each for their sustainability. No, I am not denying the contributions made by other integral key players. However, the truth holds that specifically two players are to be given most credit for both the teams’ success so far.

Lakers’ LeBron James and Anthony Davis are relied on to intimidate the interiors. Whereas, Russell Westbrook and James Harden’s lead the way for the Rockets. The duo’s going head to head will be an exciting show to watch. You ask why? Well, according to ESPN, “It’ll be the second series in NBA playoff history with 4 players to average 25 PPG in the regular season.”

Let’s have a look at the points per game in the regular season chronologically. James Harden has a whopping 34.3 PPG, Westbrook has 27.2 PPG, Davis has drooped 26.1 PPG and last but not the least, James has 25.3 PPG.

The shooting consistency of these players is what drags the teams across the finish line. However, what will happen when both of them have players with staggering scoreboards? It’s a tough call indeed.

Which side is the win inclined towards?

The Lakers focus on their defense when playing against the Blazers that ended up breaking them. Nevertheless, Rockets’s have speed with their smaller rotation which can tackle this problem. They also have two former MVP’s and Robert Covington’s spectacular defense.

Nevertheless, the Lakers hold a healthy roster’s advantage of the Rockets. All they have to do is not make room for any errors that the Rockets can pounce on when the opportunity presents itself.