Nexus War To Change Fortnite Forever?

Season 4 of Fortnite battle royale will solve a lot of mysteries that exist in the game. The entire Universe created by Epic Games has a multi-dimensional plotline. Will Season 4 will contribute to it in a marvelous fashion, or will it give the community bigger mysteries to solve?

(Image Courtesy – Epic Games Youtube)

As Galactus is rapidly coming closer to the island, players wonder what would this mean for the Avengers. The long-standing speculation that the game is a simulation might factor in. 

The future of Fortnite in Season 4

What if Galactus gets trapped in the Fortnite Universe? The devourer of worlds is not the best enemy to go up against repeatedly. However, it seems that Epic Games has a plan to deputize every player in the game. 

Top5Gaming made a comprehensive video explaining the future of the game. Tony Stark has taken up a pivotal role. He is going to protect the island by studying the simulation and the power of the Battle Bus. 

Players have also seen that in the new Stark Industries area, there is a farm house which belongs to Tony Stark from Avengers: Endgame. Inside the house, there are several clues. The drawings on the board suggest that Stark has been studying the patterns of the Battle Bus. 

Although when the fight is to save time and reality, Dr. Strange isn’t far away. Speculations suggest that Epic Games will add more Marvel Characters in the game soon. Hopefully, players will get a glimpse of heroes like Dr. Strange. 

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Avengers to recruit more superheroes in the game

                                                       (Image Courtesy – Epic Games Twitter)

There are other clues inside the game that suggest that characters like Nick Fury will come to the island. Along with him, The Thing from Fantastic Four might also join the Nexus War soon. Earlier reports suggested that Crystal from Fantastic Four might even join the Fortnite Universe. 

Questions arise as to which new Marvel Universe member would join the fight! Perhaps, a member from the Guardians of The Galaxy, or even the strongest characters like Odin or Hela, will join the game. 

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The Nexus War finale

                                                (Image Courtesy – Epic Games Twitter)

The vault at the Helicarrier is something else very few experts have mentioned. Perhaps later this season it will become an essential fortress for the Avengers. Similarly, The Authority is still at the center of the map. 

This makes it the most tactically vulnerable point. Speculations insinuate that Galactus will directly attack the Authority first. This might adequately affect the map as all significant changes originate at the center.

The Nexus War live event is perhaps going to be the biggest in Fortnite ever. Will, the arrival of Galactus, expose the zero point, or will the Avengers stop the inevitable?