Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, some American football games could be watched live in different stadiums in London. The trend to expand the sport into Europe began years ago. An attempt in the 1990s already failed. So it is very difficult this time as well. Europeans are known for their preference for European-style football. This is very popular and has a great demand.

So is there room for another sport? Will it have a future on this continent?

The appeal of experiencing something new is certainly there. Like, for example.

It is logical that the expansion started in the United Kingdom. After all, it is closer to the U.S. in terms of language. However, some experts believe that Germany could be next. It has already been announced that one regular game per year will be held there. Split between Munich and Frankfurt am Main.

There are some enthusiasts who travel to London just to watch the games live.

Sports journalists noted that Europeans actually reacted more passionately and emotionally than expected. First indicators of success. But it is not only the sport of American football that is to be brought overseas, but also the NFL brand. The National Football League.

While live games in Europe are still rare, streaming platforms already offer special packages to follow the results. This is becoming increasingly popular.

Regardless of the time difference when the games take place, they also enjoy a large fan base abroad. This is especially true for the Super Bowl. It is, after all, the most popular sporting event in the world. With 100 million viewers and customers spending millions.


There is a growing interest in American football. Especially among the younger generation. More and more teenagers are actively playing the sport. In England, participation increased by around 15%.

However, some experts noted that there are more fans in Germany than in the United Kingdom itself. This would explain why most foreign visitors to the London Games come from Germany. However, these two countries are just one step on the road to a broader program to increase international popularity.


Total NFL league revenues increased from $6 billion in 2004 to more than $15 billion in 2019, with a slight dip in 2020 due to Corona. However, they were projected to recover in the early months of 2021. With a growing fan base in several countries and a huge market in the U.S., the industry is expected to grow immensely in the coming years.

The average franchise value of an NFL team in 2021 is $3.04 billion. As the industry expands into other markets, this value will also increase significantly. Demand for streaming services, in particular, will play an important role in sports revenue.

But there is still a long way to go to become truly global.

A unified strategy is needed to continue to grow. Tailored to the wishes first of the European sports market and then beyond.