NFL teams interested in Antonio Brown, agent says

It’s been over a year since we last saw Antonio Brown on the field. Since that controversial image where, while taking of his uniform, he was seen leaving the field halfway through the game between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers -the last team he played for-, the wide receiver also known as AB could be on the agenda of several of NFL teams, his agent told Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports.

Although a return to the elite at 34 years old seems difficult, there are at least seven teams that have approached to genuinely ask about Antonio Brown for next season, according to his agent JR Rickert.

The quality of AB is not in doubt. The Super Bowl LV champion, four-time All-Pro, seven-time Pro-Bowl and 2018 receiving touchdowns leader register legendary numbers. However, his reputation is his biggest issue, and the fact that makes really difficult a return to the NFL.

Bad behavior, allegations and unsporstmanlike conduct

In addition to the commented incident in his last game with Tampa Bay, Antonio Brown has been accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct by at least two different women. A few years ago, he also attacked a truck driver, an incident that led to his eight-game suspension in season 2020 of the NFL. On 2021 he got another suspension, this times for three games, for using a fake vaccination card. As if this wasn’t enough, he’s also been a constant critic of the league, he had been badmouthing important figures like Robert Kraft and trashing some of his former teammates, like Ben Roethlisberger.

Despite all of this, Antonio Brown does not lose hope. And even less than a month ago he broke the internet by assuring in a tweet that he would joining the Baltimore Ravens, something that evidently didn’t happen.

His agent maintains the same optimism. “I think that he is a multi-talented individual who does everything at a high level. Whatever he commits to, he goes all in”, JR Rickert said showing confidence on the possibility that Brown will be back in the NFL at some point this year.