NHL condemns Mike Milbury for ‘insulting’ comment about women

On Thursday night, Mike Milbury, the NBCSN analyst, made certain commentary during the broadcast, which was deemed insulting and insensitive by the NHL. This commentary was made against women, which was very derogatory and demeaning coming from a representative of a reputed sports brand.

The NHL was against this commentary and condemned the same, stating that this in no way reflects the value & commitment represented by the league for the game. The league also said that they all about gender inclusiveness & welcome all.

Milbury, along with another analyst named Brian Boucher, had been discussing the benefits that come from the playoff bubble by NHL during Islanders’ series broadcast of the seat-grabbing win over its opponent Capitals.

Boucher also mentioned that the environment is terrific if you happen to enjoy being in a place with teammates for hours and hours. Up until here, the statement had no such humiliation or worries that might cause the NFL to condemn the same.

However, what followed later was something Milbury should have refrained from commenting on. His initial statement was followed by this derogatory line, which mentioned that this place would have no woman to disrupt the concentration.