NHL stars upset with league’s response to Jacob Blake shooting

When talking about North America, the National Hockey League was the single professional sports association that didn’t postpone the games on Wednesday as a show of protest to the police shooting at Jacob Blake. This was a decision that acquired a chunk of criticism from 2 of its prominent players in the league.

Matt Dumba, the star defenseman for Minnesota Wild, who is also of a Filipino-Canadian descent, mentioned that NHL is the last one to partake when it comes to such topics. Dumba, who was the very first player for NHL that kneeled during this month’s national anthem, also mentioned that it is disheartening and sad for the Hockey Diversity Alliance as well as for him.

According to him, if this act isn’t condemned by anyone, it is similar to keeping mum in a matter that requires people to voice their anger. Following the heinous act, the NBA decided to postpone 3 of its games set for Wednesday in the city of Orlando.

Following this, in a matter of hours, several WNBA, MLS, as well as MLB games were postponed as protests all around reignited. As of now, the NBA players are also contemplating whether or not to call for a complete cease of games for the entire postseason. This would leave the bubble intact in which they have been staying isolated for quite some time following the COVID-19 pandemic.