Ninja’s newest gamer hoodie features a ‘patent-pending’ headphone-compatible hood

Ninja’s newest gamer hoodie features a ‘patent-pending’ headphone-compatible hood

Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced his next piece of branded gear — a custom $60 hoodie with a “patent-pending” system that’s designed to let customers wear a headset over the hood while still enjoying their music or games uninterrupted.

The hoodie works by featuring a “polymesh” ear hole on each side of the hood, allowing for sound from the headset to pass through instead of getting muffled by the (usually) thick material of a sweatshirt hood.

The idea isn’t a new one: this year has already seen an also patented gamer hoodie from Champion, albeit one that featured an oversized hood for wearing headphones inside the hood instead of over it. And the concept of using mesh hoods for wearing headphones over a sweatshirt dates back to Betabrand’s Audio Engineer’s Hoodie from 2014.

The Ninja headphone hoodie appears to only be available in a pullover style, with relatively restrained branding when compared to Blevins’ other Ninja hoodies — the headphone model seems to only feature his “Ninja” branding on the pocket and the same icon near the sleeve.

The hoodie will be available in black, pink, and gray colors, with sales set to begin on November 25th at 3PM ET / 12PM PT through Ninja’s website for $60, which is $10 more than the “standard” Ninja hoodies.

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