NJ doc allegedly told patient to fondle him for motivation

A New Jersey plastic surgeon had his medical license suspended after he allegedly watched porn at the office and asked a patient to fondle his genitals to help him “get motivated” to perform procedures.

Dr. Peter Driscoll, who worked at My Goals Solutions in Ridgefield from August 2021 to June 2022, allegedly solicited sexual favors from the female patient after an assistant left the operating room, NorthJersey.com reported,

He allegedly grabbed the patient’s hand and put it on his thigh then asked her to rub it on his genitals, state Attorney General Matthew Platkin said.

Driscoll then allegedly asked for other sexual favors, telling her that it would help him “get motivated” to complete the procedure,

The woman refused his demands and reported the incident to the police and the practice manager, who suspended Driscoll’s surgical privileges, according to prosecutors.

It’s unclear when the incident occurred.

Driscoll was not charged with a crime because the woman declined to press charges.

The doctor also has been accused of watching porn during the “numbing period” — the period anesthesia takes effect. On other occasions, he allegedly left the office before patients were out of recovery, a violation of practice protocols.

“Physicians cannot be allowed to abuse their position of trust to engage in heinous acts such as those alleged here,” Platkin said in a statement. “Any professional engaging in such sickening and predatory misconduct in the state of New Jersey will face severe consequences.”

The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners suspended Driscoll’s license on Thursday.

His actions “flagrantly violated the law as well as have harmed both the medical community and the public,” Platkin’s office wrote the board, Patch.com reported.

“His sexual exploitation of a patient on the operating table so shocks the conscious that it not only destroys Respondent’s reputation, but diminishes the reputation of all physicians and the trust patients have in their health care professionals,” the letter added.