No arrests in Christopher Wright homicide despite videos, IDs

Maryland dad Christopher Wright’s killers remain at large a week after he was beaten to death — even though the brutality was caught on at least two separate videos and his family identified some of those involved, The Post can reveal.

Anne Arundel County Police confirmed no arrests have been made on Friday, seven days after the homicide which took place after the the 43-year-old dad stepped up to protect one of his sons.

“Detectives have collected numerous pieces of physical evidence from the scene, including Ring camera footage,” spokesman Marc Limanksy confirmed after one clip was published online.

He also revealed “the family of the victim has provided information about the people involved.”  

That included pupils from the same middle school as Wright’s 14-year-old son, Trenton, who were hellbent on fighting the teen over a petty $30 dispute, according to the dead man’s fiancée, Tracy Karopchinsky.

There have been no arrests a week after Christopher Wright, pictured, was beaten to death in suburban Baltimore.

When Wright refused to let them get to his son, an adult with the teens said, “If your son’s not going to fight, you’re going to fight” — leaving the protective dad with a traumatic head injury which he succumbed to a day later, Karopchinsky claims.

Cops earlier confirmed the “suspects arrived at the victim’s residence in reference to an earlier altercation.”

However, despite the evidence collected, Limanksy said even a week on: “I cannot say definitively that we have a suspect in the homicide of Mr. Wright.”

Wright with his three kids and his fiancée.
The dad was killed while trying to protect one of his three kids, his fiancée said.

Wright's home where he was beaten to death last Friday.
Homicide detectives have videos from both sides of the street outside Wright’s home, pictured, sources told The Post.
Ron Sachs/CNP for NY Post

A source separately told The Post the homicide squad has “at least two angles of Ring footage, from both sides of the street,” which they are still “trawling through.”

The footage potentially complicates the initial narrative, with grainy footage shot from across the street clearly showing Wright threw the first punch.

“They haven’t made an arrest because they haven’t determined who the aggressor was,” the source said.

Detectives “believe the Ring footage will clarify” that key detail — and “expect to make an arrest within a week,” the source said.

Karopchinsky, 44, said the published video — which captured the bone-chilling screams of Wright’s kids — showed no surprises for cops, and merely reinforced how unnecessary her lover’s death was.

“It was never a secret Chris threw the first punch. Homicide detectives knew Chris threw the first punch,” she told The Post Friday.

“If [Wright’s killers] didn’t come to our house looking for a fight, this never would have happened.”