NYC parks will see public toilets installed

They’re golden thrones, all right.

A pilot project to install five single portable toilets in New York City parks could reach $5.3 million, a new report says.

One of the Portland Loo brand commodes, which cost about $185,000 each, is set to be placed in each of five parks to start a long-awaited project to bring relief to Big Apple residents, The City said Monday.

The portable potties are proposed to cut costs, considering a more elaborate larger “comfort station’’ now runs between $5 million and $10 million to build, the outlet said.

The city parks that could get the new free-standing loos, ideally as soon as summer 2024, are: Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem in Manhattan; Brooklyn’s Irving Square Park in Bushwick; the Hoyt Playground in Astoria, Queens; the Joyce Kilmer Park near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and the Father Macris Park in Graniteville on Staten Island, The City said.

A Portland Loo toilet is expected to be installed in each of five New York City parks as part of a pilot project.

The city Parks Department still needs to get several approvals, including from local community boards, to move ahead with the plan, which has been several years in the making.

The toilets’ manufacturer told the outlet that it got an angry call from a city official in February 2022 demanding to know why the company hadn’t provided any loos yet.

A worker hoses down a Portland Loo in Portland, Ore.
A worker hoses down a Portland Loo in Portland, Ore.

The company rep responded that was because no one from the city had actually ordered them, The City reported.

The $5 million-plus price tag for the five initial toilets includes installation, which involves such things as running water and electrical lines to the structures and laying foundations for them, the outlet said.

The Portland Loos are used in places such as Hoboken, NJ, and Shelter Island off Long Island, the company’s website says.

The inside of a Portland Loo
The inside of this Portland Loo is utilitarian.

Some Big Apple communities are happy to get the portable potties, although they said they would prefer the larger “comfort stations.’’

Residents near Thompkins Square Park in the East Village of Manhattan would likely welcome any help.

As The Post reported Saturday, people have been increasingly defecating and peeing around the park and between nearby cars since a broken pipe and malfunctioning boiler in the basement of the field house forced the public restrooms to close in November.