Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is getting a PS5, Xbox Series X upgrade 

The Outer Worlds is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X early next month. The rerelease is formally titled The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition and will come with a slew of performance upgrades for graphics and other gameplay features. Obsidian Entertainment, Private Division, and Virtuos announced on Monday that the new edition will hit stores on March 7.

The new version will cost $59.99 and will contain the base game with both downloadable expansions, Murder on Eridanos and Peril on Gorgon. The upgraded version will also be available to purchase on Windows PC as well. Those who bought the original game and both sets of the DLC on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, or Xbox One will be able to upgrade to the current-gen version for $9.99.

The upgraded version contains a whole batch of new improvements. A description from the developers said that players can expect “higher resolution graphics, a dynamic weather system, overhauled lighting and environments, improved performance and load times, enhanced details on characters, an increased level cap,” and more.

Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division released The Outer Worlds in 2019. The vast space adventure takes place in an alternate version of the future, where President Theodore Roosevelt never broke up the great businesses of his era, and thus, humanity became ruled by mega-corporations and extreme class divides (ha ha how wacky!). As you explore various planets, you recruit companions and fight enemies with a variety of melee attacks and gunfights in a first-person perspective.

The original game is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with the updated version coming to next-gen consoles in March.