“Open Up a Lot of Doors”: Lonzo Ball Reveals the Idea Behind His Decision to Switch Agencies

It is no secret that every megastar in the world of sports needs an agent who can take care of almost everything off-court. A player gets a pool of world-class agents to choose from, and hence the decision to pick one demands good research. For Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball, his search is finally over.

Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo – all the three Ball brothers were earlier managed by the top-ranked sports management firm in the world, Creative Arts Agency (CAA). However, they later joined hands with the Raymond Brothers of Roc Nation Sports. When it appeared they had finally settled in, there came another shocking update.

Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball has a new business buddy

Lonzo has now given the key to his business negotiations to Klutch Sports Agency (KSA)’s Rich Paul. In a recent interview with Mallika Andrews of ESPN, he detailed, “I think signing with Klutch was a good step for me just because I got make that decision 100% myself. I think Rich (Paul) has a ton of influence, so I’m definitely (with) my career in his hands.” 

A sports agent works out endorsement and sponsorship negotiations, PR handling, brand marketing, financial dealings, and tons of other micro-jobs for their client. It is of pivotal importance to sign with someone who has a great deal of connections, influence, and credibility in the market. 

Lonzo Ball is just 23-year-old and has at least another decade left on his career. In this tenure, he will sign multiple brand deals and probably switch teams in his free agency while earning multimillions. Hence, he needs to have a visionary working with him on a long-term basis. 

On the same line, Lonzo added, “Rich has a ton of connections. He’s not only helped me in the basketball world, he’s helping me off the court as well. Whether it’s music, clothing, art, anything, he’s definitely going to help me out. Like I said, I’m happy that he’s on my team and I think it was a win-win across the board.”

What lies ahead for Zo and the other Ball brothers?

The Lakers had handpicked Lonzo Ball as the overall #2 in the 2017 draft. They awarded the rookie a 4-year $33 million deal, paying him north of $8 million per season. However, the LA-based franchise then traded him to the Pelicans to acquire Anthony Davis in 2019. Surprisingly, Lonzo had later revealed that he received that news via Twitter.

In another news, LaMelo Ball recently signed a shoe deal with Puma, leaving father LaVar Ball, the CEO of Big Baller Brand, surprised. Even Lonzo Ball confirmed that he was searching for a new deal for himself. He has also announced the launch of a signed apparel range named ApolloZo. All these things make the need for a great agent even more important for him.

Lonzo lastly added, “I had a meeting with Rich that was good. I really just wanted to make the decision for myself. I feel like everything else been kind of like the whole family thing but I wanted to do what was best, that I felt, for me. I like the way he approaches things. I think they’ll open up a lot of doors off the court as well.” 

Rich has an admirable portfolio with him managing 23 players, including 4 All-stars. Now, fans will just hope Rich Paul gets him richer both on-court and off it.

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