Oregon opens first mobile morgue fearing dozens of wildfire deaths: report

Oregon has set up its first-ever mobile morgue as officials fear dozens could be dead from the raging wildfires, according to a report.

The morgue, which is set up in a government facility in Linn County, is being operated by a special 75-member regional response team that is also tasked with recovering remains in the field, The Oregonian said.

A separate facility is expected to open this week where families of the dead and missing can go to make identifications — with a rapid DNA testing machine expected to be set up soon, the paper said.

“We have set up a small city here,” the woman overseeing the operation, Cathy Phelps, told the paper.

Oregon has so far confirmed eight deaths, down from 10 after two of the bodies proved to be animals, the paper said.

While 22 people are officially listed as missing, up to 50 people are unaccounted for — and officials fear dozens could ultimately be found dead, the paper said.

Oregon State Police Capt. Tim Fox said the specialist morgue and DNA testing system would help “give family members closure as soon as possible.”

“We understand this is a super tragic event. We understand this is hard,” Fox told The Oregonian of the wildfires, which Gov. Kate Brown has called a “once-in-a-generation” event.