Oscar Isaac Birthday Special: From Being Expelled From School to Being a Band Member, 5 Facts About the Moon Knight Star That Might Surprise You!

Oscar Isaac has quickly jumped up into the ranks of being one of the best working actors in Hollywood today. Having had a very impressive career, the movie star has constantly put out consistent work with diverse roles that really push him as an actor. He has been a Marvel superhero, a musician down on his luck and the galaxy’s best pilot – Isaac just knows how to deliver constantly. Oscar Isaac Teases Moon Knight’s Return to the MCU, Says Its ‘Not the Last We Have Heard’ of Him.

While Oscar Isaac’s reel life sure is interesting, what’s equally interesting is his real life as well. Isaac has lived an exciting life, and there are definitely things about him that might surprise you. For example: did you know he was actually expelled from school? Well, to celebrate his 44th birthday, we will be taking a look at five facts about him that you probably didn’t know about.

He Was Expelled From School

Starting off with the one that we have already revealed, Isaac was actually expelled from his school in the seventh grade. Turns out, the Hollywood star didn’t like playing by the rules when he was a kid. In an interview, he admitted that he was a bit of a “rebel,” Isaac admitted to causing a bit of vandalism by defacing murals and writing profanities on walls. You can see why he was expelled.

He Worked at the Same Hospital as His Father

Before he got into acting, Isaac used to work as an orderly at the hospital his father worked at. Doing everything from transporting the bodies to the morgue to taking folks to get their X-Ray done, Isaac did it all. Guess being an orderly worked out for him in the long run.

He Wanted to Be Involved in Combat Photography

Isaac once considered joining the military, however, not to fight, but rather be a combat photographer. He eventually did drop the idea as his father disapproved of it, but he still went ahead and applied for it. When the job for a combat photographer wasn’t available, he dropped the idea completely.

He Got His Uncle a Role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This one’s a bit wholesome. When Isaac’s uncle came to visit the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he probably got the best surprise of his life. Being a super fan of Star Wars, he visited the set of Episode VII and brought along a bunch of custom-made shirts that he was handing out. When Isaac and director JJ Abrams took notice of it, his uncle was given the role of an extra in the film.

He Used to Play for Ska Bands

Perhaps the most surprising fact about Isaac, he actually used to be a musician. Revealing that he used to play for Ska bands, he said that he used to play for Blinking Underdogs, who were a Christian Ska band. He was apparently also a part of many other like Petrified Frogs and The Worms to name a few. Emmys 2022: Oscar Isaac and Wife Elvira Lind Put on a Dapper Look at the Awards Show.

These certainly were some very interesting facts. With this we finish off the list and wish Oscar Isaac a very happy birthday.

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