PGA Championship: 7 Golfers with the Most PGA Tour Wins

Everyone knows the GOAT in Golf History – Tiger Woods. But perhaps not many know about several other heavyweights of the game who made their marks and rank in the top 10 golfers with the most PGA Tour trophies.

Read on to find out about these golf legends and their achievements in the game.

Golfers with the Most PGA Tour Wins

These are the golfers with the highest number of PGA Tour wins in history.

1. Tiger Woods and Sam Snead – 82 PGA Tour Trophies

Coming on top of the list is a tie between two legends of the game – Tiger Woods and Sam Snead. Interestingly, both athletes also combine for 22 significant championship trophies. While many golf lovers today are aware of the winning strides of Woods, not many know Sam Snead’s story.

Snead’s reign in the golf world came between 1936 and 1965, winning his final victory in an 8th-time Greater Greensboro Open (now Wyndham Championship) win. No athlete has ever lifted a trophy in the event as many times as Snead won the Greater Greensboro Open.

That’s not all. Snead scooped seven other significant trophies to his total overall wins, including his Masters and PGA Championship wins three times each.

Now to Tiger Woods, who’s still active in the sport. Woods has surprised the golf world by beating the odds of even PGA betting professionals many times. He’s returned from severe injuries to clinch high-profile wins and sometimes rebounded from personal issues in his life to making his fans excited over and again.

Woods once went five years without winning a significant title (between his 2013 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and the 2018 Tour Championship). However, things turned around for him when he returned to winning big at the 2019 Masters of the FedEx Cup.

On the PGA Tour charts, Woods equals Snead’s achievements of winning a single event eight times on two different occasions – at the Bridgestone Invitational and Arnold Palmer Invitational. Since his automobile accident last year, Woods has competed in the games but is yet to return to his full former playing strength.

2. Jack Nicklaus – 73 PGA Tour Trophies

Apart from holding the record of the most overall significant trophies, Jack Nicklaus would be best remembered for his several close calls at the four Grand Slam events. He has to his credit a record of 19 second-place finishes in addition to 18 wins.

He sits reasonably close behind Snead and Woods, considering the number of PGA Tours he won. The Golden Bear is also renowned for having a highly fertile mind, selectively forgetting the marquee events he missed.

Nicklaus clinched six Masters, four US Opens, three Open Championships, and five PGA Championships. The Golden Bear and Harry Vardon are the only 6-time winners of a single major tournament in golf’s history.

3. Ben Hogan – 64 PGA Tour Trophies

The name “Ben Hogan” brings to memory a highly determined, tireless golfer with a hectic work ethic and keen drive for perfection. The victories of the 9-time winner of significant golf trophies and serial PGA Tour winner undoubtedly link to his tireless dedication to the sport.

Hogan bagged the Colonial National Invitation trophy (now Charles Schwab Challenge) 5 times. He also tied with Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, and Willie Anderson for the record number of four US Open trophies.

However, the Hawk’s career hit a wall during World War II when he received the call to join the army. An automobile accident in 1949 also dealt him severe injuries. However, he came back to win the 1950 US Open, considered one of the most remarkable crowning victories in all sports.

4. Arnold Palmer – 62 PGA Tour Trophies

Apart from his feat at the PGA Tournaments, the golf world would best remember Arnold Palmer for helping the sport explode in popularity in the earlier days of TV sets. Palmer is one of golf’s most prominent winners in history, with 62 PGA Tour wins to his name.

Moreover, the King also holds another record of one of the most dominant winning streaks in golf history. He made a record of 32 wins between 1960 and 1963.

5. Bryon Nelson – 52 PGA Tour Trophies

The golf world would remember Nelson most for his winning streak of 11 straight wins in 1945. That year alone, the legend clinched 18 victories at golf events. What’s even more amazing? He holds a top spot in the charts of all-time PGA Tour winners, even though he retired at 34!

Before Nelson’s time, no one had won up to 50 PGA trophies. So his feat was remarkably astounding during his day when he began sweeping wins from tournament to tournament. Bryon Nelson also has a golf tournament named in his honor that still exists on the PGA Tour today.

6. Billy Casper – 51 PGA Tour Trophies

A legend in his own right, Casper was a little overlooked because his career spanned the same period as some of the other stars on this list – Nicklaus, and Palmer. He was a vibrant putter who won the PGA Tour’s Vardon Trophy 5 times and had a winning percentage of 9.2% clips in the game.

Interestingly, Casper won a head-to-head against Palmer in one of the most memorable finishes in the game’s history. During the 1966 US Open, Casper came from seven strokes behind Palmer to eventually beat him in an 18-hole playoff for one of his three major titles.


There you have it – the PGA Championship Golfers with the Most PGA Tour Wins in Golf History. Tiger Woods is the only player still actively playing and sits atop the list in a tie with Snead. It’s left to see if Woods would recover fully from his accident injuries to edge Snead and seal a spot as the unrivaled golfer with the highest PGA Tour wins in history.