Phillies GM Sam Fuld Talks 2023 Expectations, Mets

Manny Machado will play with the Padres for the rest of his career. Ronny Mauricio is impressing at Mets camp. Jacob deGrom reflected on his Mets ending and new start in Texas. The new MLB rules and pitch clock have been the talk of spring training thus far. The Phillies are looking to win a very tough NL East.

Those are the topics to discuss this week on “The Show” podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman. The guys also chat with Phillies GM Sam Fuld.

‘The Show’ Podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman:

  • MANNY MACHADO: Will stick with the Padres for the rest of his career after signing an 11-year, $350 million contract extension. Was this the right move?
  • METS PROSPECTS: Ronny Mauricio looks very promising. Looks like he could be playing linebacker.
  • DeGROM: Jon discusses his conversation with Jacob deGrom as he reflected on his ending with the Mets.
  • NEW RULES: Good for the fans with shorter games. We are getting more offense and shorter games, which should work out.

Sam Fuld Interview:

Phillies GM

  • OFFSEASON: Goal is to be in the running to win the World Series for a long, sustainable time.
  • ROB THOMSON: What was it about him that made him so special? He brings a steadiness and calmness that is important as a manager.
  • TREA TURNER: He’s special. Going to be a huge part of this team.
  • ROTATION: How will it shake out at the 5th starter spot? Does Bailey Falter get it?
  • OWN CAREER: Choosing to be a GM instead of a manager and what made him decide that. Would not close the door on being a manager, but loves being a GM and the flexibility that comes with it.
  • THE METS: They are going to be formidable. We were celebrating that Jacob deGrom was not going to be in the division and then they signed Justin Verlander. Going to have to compete hard to win division.
  • NEW RULES: Will be great for the game and excited to see how it shakes out. Bigger bases will help them steal bases.


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