Pumped-up reactions not about Mets revenge

Marcus Stroman doesn’t want to call Wednesday’s impressive eight-inning start against the Mets a revenge game, even if his actions suggested otherwise.

“Younger me may have seen it as a revenge game, but now I know how to pitch, I’m very good at what I do, it’s just a matter of getting to a point mechanically and rolling start after start and staying there,” Stroman said after the Cubs’ 4-2 win.

After Stroman threw what would be his final pitch, the ex-Met pounded his chest and screamed toward the visitor’s dugout.

Stroman, 32, also tweeted a shushing face emoji after the game.

“What did we do to him?” one anonymous Met told The Post’s Mike Puma.

“Show some respect. Be a professional. It isn’t all about you,” another Mets player said.

It is unclear if Stroman has any issue with the Mets franchise itself, though he has publicly spoken out about the treatment he received from fans in his three-year tenure.

Marcus Stroman celebrates the Cubs’ win over the Mets.

“Endless death threats, being called a n—– often, hearing black lives don’t matter, and playing for a front office who didn’t care about any of that,” Stroman tweeted before last season when asked about being the “focus of bigotry” by a fan.

Stroman departed from the Mets after the 2021 season when he signed a three-year, $71 million deal in Chicago.

Stroman pitched against the Mets last season, completing just 4 ⅓ innings, allowing one run and walking two batters in a 2-1 Cubs loss on July 16.

“Sinking the ball to the bottom of the zone, a lot of ground balls, ahead in some counts,” Mets manager Buck Showalter said of Stroman after the game. “Real athletic guy. He has a good hand; he can do a lot of things with the baseball.”

Marcus Stroman has no love for New York
Marcus Stroman has no love for New York

The Mets could face Stroman again in August when they host the Cubs for a three-game set.

The Mets will look to avoid the sweep Wednesday night at 7:40 p.m. when Carlos Carrasco faces Kyle Hendricks.