Raiders star Davante Adams facing lawsuit for pushing photographer; two NFL teams also named in suit

Raiders star Davante Adams has been hit with a civil lawsuit stemming from an incident that took place following a game back in October

After a dramatic Monday night loss to the Chiefs last season, Adams shoved a credentialed media worker as the receiver was walking off the field. The shove was hard enough that it knocked the man over. The man who got pushed, Park Zebley, claimed to have suffered whiplash, headaches and a minor concussion following the push. Zebley was at the game working as a freelance photographer for ESPN. 

In the days following the Oct. 10 incident, Adams was charged with misdemeanor assault. Seven and a half months later, Zebley has now decided to file a lawsuit, according to the Kansas City Star

“A municipal misdemeanor battery charge is not sufficient,” Zebley said in a statement to the Star. “I’m looking for justice. You can’t shove someone down and walk off like it didn’t happen. Not in real life.”

Not only has Adams been named as a defendant, but Zebley is also suing the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority and Landmark Events Staffing. 

The Chiefs are named because Zebley believes the team, along with the the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority and Landmark Events Staffing “failed to provide the requisite amount and quality of on-field security.”

As for Adams, he’s being sued for one count of battery while the Raiders are being sued for one count of vicarious liability and ratification and one count of negligent supervision, according to

After the incident, Zebley said that he “feared for his life” because his identity leaked online, which led to harassment and death threats from Raiders fans.

“In the days that followed, media and various fans of the Las Vegas Raiders and Adams discovered (Zebley’s) identity, circulated his contact information, and made death threats against him, as well as other generally vile comments,” the lawsuit states, via the Star. “(Zebley) felt concerned for his own safety and sought counseling and stayed away from his apartment.”

Zebley’s attorney, Dan Curry, said that his client is looking to be compensated for the anguish and pain he’s suffered over the past few months. 

“We’re in the beginning stages of this, but (Zebley) is looking for compensation for what happened to him, and if a jury has to decide, then that’s who’ll decide,” Curry said. 

Adams did apologize for the incident on Twitter back in October, but he later deleted his tweet. 

“Sorry to the guy I pushed over after the game,” Adams initially wrote on Twitter. “Obviously (I was) very frustrated at the way the game ended and when he ran in front of me as I exited, that was my reaction and I felt horrible immediately.”

The Raiders receiver wasn’t punished by the NFL for the incident, but that doesn’t mean a suspension won’t eventually be coming. According to, the league is going to wait for the legal process to play out before making a decision on a possible punishment. 

Adams’ next court date for the misdemeanor charge is scheduled for June 26. As for the lawsuit, a case management conference has been set for Aug. 23. 

You can see the entire incident between Adams and Zebley below.