Raquel Leviss & Family Seek FBI Protection For Death Threats

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Scary Vanderpump Rules news this morning as Raquel Leviss and her family have turned to the FBI to seek protection after terrifying death threats pour in following her affair with Tom Sandoval going public. A representative of Raquel and her family reached out to TMZ with details of the frightening situation.

Raquel Leviss & Family Seek FBI Protection For Death Threats

Speaking to TMZ, a representative of Raquel Leviss and her family confirm they’ve been receiving a pretty overwhelming number of death threats. These death threats are coming to them over the Internet and via phone. The death threats are both violent and graphic in detail. Raquel and her family are so overwhelmed by the situation they reached out to the FBI for help on what they should do next.

One death threat in particular involved someone sending a message to Raquel via social media claiming they wanted to rip off her limbs, “unalive her” and “dump” her body.

Raquel Leviss - YouTube
Raquel Leviss – YouTube

The Death Threats Are Going Too Far

A source very close to the Vanderpump Rules star tells TMZ those close to Raquel understand why everyone is upset at both her and Tom Sandoval. This same source, however, believes that the hate from fans boiling up to the point that people are threatening Raquel Leviss and her family with graphic violence is both too far and “disturbing.”

A spokesperson of the FBI gave a bit of a cagey response to TMZ about the situation:

FBI neither confirms nor denies investigations. Obviously, we review all allegations reported to us and encourage anyone who believes their life is in imminent danger to call 911.

As Bravo fans know, Raquel Leviss hasn’t been spotted in public in weeks. She’s reportedly getting treatment for her mental health following the reveal of the cheating scandal she was involved in. There, however, have been some unconfirmed rumors that part of the reason she went into hiding after news of the affair broke is that she was pregnant. Some fans, however, also suspect she is just hiding until the drama blows over and dies down.

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss Youtube
Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss Youtube

Assuming she is actually off the grid because she’s getting treatment for her mental health, Vanderpump Rules fans can only assume receiving violent and graphic death threats isn’t helping improve her situation.

Are you surprised some fans are so upset with Raquel Leviss that they are sending her violent and graphic death threats? Share your thoughts in the comments and keep coming back for more Bravo news.