Reagan is a ‘completely different’ football team in 2023

Josh mcgee, head coach Reagan, high school coach mcgee, you know, previous season last year, uh you faced a pretty tough team in the first round of the playoffs. They probably, probably the toughest road team in Charlotte, Catholic. Um, but you all were pretty young last year as well, a quarterback running back or freshman. Um I guess at this point may, uh what kind of and everything? Yeah, man. So, so enjoying our time out here uh in spring practice, uh completely different football team, you know, I think, you know, we, we’ve been spoiled a little bit in the last few years when you got, you know, Sam Pendleton and Turner Spencer Webbs. And so those guys are gone. And so now you’re, you’re taking a bunch of new guys and we, we’re, we’re, you know, developing our culture here and, and chemistry and, you know, it’s been really fun so far and, and excited for this journey. Uh It’s not about Landon, your cornerback, commit the Duke, I think back in January 1st uh interstate guy for 2024. Um Have you seen him grow because I know he just started playing football when he got here and, uh, just where is he at today? Then, then I guess he was a couple of years. He’s, he’s a one of a kind guy, man. He’s a, he’s a team first guy. Uh, it’s always about other people with, if, you know, if you were to, if you get out here early, he’s the first person to practice every single day. And that’s been like that since he was a sophomore. And before he had a Duke offered and after a Duke commit, he’s still the first one out here and the last one to leave. So, you know, when you have guys like that, you got a shot. And, uh, you know, we’re, we’re fortunate and blessed to have him on our program. So, a quarterback, uh Jacob Smith, he’s an N C state commit for baseball shortstop and then Jalen Moore, uh running back, um also rising sophomore, he’s got a UN C Charlotte offer. Uh those two guys, you know, they start out on V last year. You pull them up eventually about halfway through the season. Um Just what about those two guys so far? I think pulling those guys up, changed the entire course of our season. Uh You look at the game against Glenn, you know, we’re down 26 14 with 4.5 to go and, and we’re, we’re done, you know, we, we have no, no energy, you know, we have nothing on offense and you know, insert those guys and put two drives together and win a ball game. And then again, that just kind of kind of to us the rest of the way. And, you know, I would put those two guys up as two of the best 26 guys, you know, obviously in the state of North Carolina and, you know, we’re fortunate to have them and, you know, we’re going to rely on them and lean on them quite a bit and they’re gonna have to grow up really fast. I think the biggest particular difference, this team last year team is gonna be on the line, like you mentioned earlier. Um, going from those guys, the Notre Dame guy and, you know, down to the four sophomores and a junior, uh, what’s the plan for for the next couple of months before August comes around? Yeah. You know, you, you get better every day, you know, with no excuses, this is who we have. And, you know, these, these guys are puppies but, you know, they went undefeated on our J V team last year. I think that’s a plus. Um, you know, unfortunately for them, they’re gonna get thrown to the fire really, really fast and, you know, they may not physically be ready, but, you know, I feel like we’re, we’re really good around them and we can do some things to help protect them a little bit and bring them along. But, you know, again, man, when you have a guy from go to Notre Dame and Duke, those guys don’t come around very often. And so you take what you have, man and as young as they are, they work their butt off every day and I’m excited for their development essentially. You think you’re probably feeling pretty good about both corner spots and the nickel spot as well. What’s going to be the area on defense that you’re working on? It’s a defensive line as well. It’s both line play, you know, you know, we feel really good about our back half, you know, whether it’s our corners or our safety. So all four of those guys are really good football players, really good athletes. You know, the addition of Carter Powell at the, our nickel spot is obviously a huge pick up our two inside linebackers, our two V backers from last year, one is going to be a sophomore, was a junior, so not a lot of varsity experience there, but, you know, our defensive line, it’s the same deal, you know, we lost, you lose Turner, you don’t get some Turners every day, you know. Um, and, and so again, just youth and inexperience. Um, but everybody’s got a good experience at some point and, uh, you know, they’re gonna be ready to go at some point. So a last up schedule, um, go, go out of your way to play a pretty tough noncom schedule and then the conference as well, is just like all the teams in Forsyth County. I mean, you can go through them all, but I think that’s what you have to do to be successful. You know, if, um, if you want to make a run at the end of the season, you’re gonna face those kind of teams. So, you know, I think one of the worst things you can do for your program is kind of give yourself a false sense of really, you know, who you are by playing teams that you feel like you can just go out and beat, you know, just rolling out of bed and we never do that here. I’ll never do it. You know, going to Marvin Ridge, going to Mooresville and then obviously hosting Grimy for the third year. Uh, but you take a week and then it’s east, you know, and then you keep going. So hopefully when we get to that point, we’ll be prepared and we, we kind of, and we have, you know, uncovered some issues and fix some issues and, and find a way to get better coach. Appreciate the time, best luck this season.