Resident Evil Village fans use the demo to create wild mods

Resident Evil Village fans use the demo to create wild mods

Resident Evil Village isn’t out yet, but players have their hands on a demo that shows a chunk of the final game. Some people are trying to figure out the gameplay, or get some hints as to the game’s mysterious story. Other players are being a little more creative, and even though they only had access to the demo for an hour, they’ve managed to pull off some hilarious and cool mods.

Some of these mods are entirely focused on the gameplay aspect, providing new angles to the experience — quite literally. Veteran Resident Evil modder DarknessValtier has released his progress so far on mods that provide a third-person camera view, as well as switching the playable protagonist from Ethan Winters to the witch daughter Cassandra.

Then there’s 3D artist Marcos RC, who created a truly terrifying twist on the normal Resident Evil formula. What if, instead of being chased down by supernatural creatures, Ethan had to deal with a horde of Barneys the dinosaur? Wonder no longer — we know what that might look like.

Marcos RC took another spin on switching out the monsters; in an alternative YouTube video, he’s replaced the creatures with Brazilian model Ricardo Milos, best known for his viral 2010 dance video. It’s a sensual, writhing mass of shirtless dudes, which might improve the Village experience for some folks.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7. Once it has been released, modders will have much more access to Village’s files, and we can expect more wild twists on the base game. That’s pretty impressive, considering that Village also looks pretty ridiculous and over-the-top. We can likely expect some of these mods to alter Lady Dimitrescu, the Mr. X-style monster that stalks Ethan throughout the game.

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