Resistance in occupied Crimea growing noticeably more pro-Ukrainian – Tasheva


Tasheva also noted that the resistance in Crimea continues growing.

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“Never since the beginning of the occupation has the resistance been so palpably pro-Ukrainian and visualized as pro-Ukrainian,” Tasheva said. “Because the resistance in Crimea until 2022 was more about human rights.”

Tasheva said that now on the peninsula you can hear Ukrainian songs at weddings and in classrooms, and people on the streets distribute leaflets with information about the full-scale invasion and victims of Russian aggression.

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“Now we see the inscriptions ‘Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ on the walls of Crimean houses, Crimeans send each other private messages with photos of the military man who told the Russian warship where to go. We see many other types of resistance.”

At the end of January, the former commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges, said that the fight for Crimea would become a key point in Russia’s war against Ukraine, and predicted that Ukraine would create the conditions for the final liberation of the peninsula in the next few months.

The Pentagon does not believe that Ukraine can or will soon be able to oust Russian troops from Crimea, U.S. news website Politico wrote on Feb. 2, citing four senior officials of the U.S. Department of Defense.

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According to Ukrainian intelligence, the invaders are already preparing for the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate Ukraine’s Crimea.

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