‘RHONJ’ Melissa Devastated Over Teresa’s Engagement Party

RHONJ is going to see Melissa Gorga devastated over Teresa Giudice’s engagement party. It is no secret that the sisters-in-law have had a very rocky relationship. Now, with Teresa’s wedding prep in full swing, it is dividing the family further and causing many tears. Read on for more details.

RHONJ Melissa Devastated Over Teresa’s Engagement Party

It was a hard pill for Melissa to swallow when she was not asked to be a bridesmaid at Teresa’s wedding. She felt that Teresa always preached the importance of family. Now, she was separating further from her brother, Joe, and replacing Melissa with her fiance, Louie Ruelas’ sisters. In a recent RHONJ episode, Teresa attempted to make things right by asking Melissa to be in her wedding. By that point, Melissa declined but there was still a huge disconnect between Teresa and the Gorgas.

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Now, in the latest episode, Teresa appears to leave Melissa in tears over her engagement party. The Sun has a preview of Tuesday, February 28th’s episode. Melissa is in attendance at the engagement party. However, her husband and Teresa’s brother, Joe is not in attendance. They have had trouble squashing their issues in general. Teresa proceeds to make a speech, celebrating her guests. She calls them her “chosen family” but this is a hard pill for Melissa to swallow.

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She feels that Joe should have been there for this big event. As she proceeds to get emotional, Melissa tells a co-star: “This is Joe’s only family member and he’s not here.” Joe and Louie have gone at it on numerous occasions and Teresa has been speaking out on lies that the Gorgas supposedly told. While Teresa was in prison, Melissa and Joe claimed that they were always there for her four daughters. Unfortunately, Teresa and two of her girls, most notably eldest Gia, have disputed this claim.

Will It End?

Sadly, this RHONJ feud is far from over. Teresa and Louie got into it with Melissa and Joe prior to the wedding. Therefore, the Gorgas were not in attendance. More so, Joe, Melissa, and even Andy Cohen felt that Teresa should have a prenup. They were unsure of Louie’s past so they wanted to ensure that she would be taken care of. The season has just begun but it seems like the Melissa/Joe/Teresa storyline is going to carry through Season 13. Fans are actually getting tired of them using each other for screen time but this is family and some serious drama.

Do you think Joe should have been at Teresa’s engagement party? Moreover, is it understandable why Melissa broke down over her hubby not being there? Let us know your thoughts and watch RHONJ Tuesdays on Bravo.

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