Robbery suspect stabs 2 men in wild rampage at NYC deli: video

Shocking surveillance footage captures the moment a man went on a wild rampage in a Queens deli — stabbing two 67-year-old victims before grabbing a wad of cash from the register.

The suspect struck just before 9 p.m. Saturday inside MSK Deli on 164th Street near 85th Avenue in Jamaica Hills, cops said.

The clip shows him standing next to one of the men — a friend of an employee — who was filling a cup with hot water when he suddenly stabs him in the chest close to the neck, causing another person standing behind him to fall over, toppling racks of items.

The attacker also stabbed the man in the head and abdomen, according to cops.

Then he turned his attention to another 67-year-old man, an employee sitting behind the counter, stabbing him in the chest and back before grabbing $300 from the register, according to cops and deli owner Karthik Jagadish.

“One guy entered the store — he was trying to get a coffee — and the person sitting here, [an employee’s friend] tried to help him,” Jagadish, 40, told the Post Tuesday. “He stabbed him first and then went outside the store, [came back] and then attacked my employee.”

The suspect then took off, heading north on 164th Street, cops said.

“We don’t recognize him,” Jagadish said. “He was wearing [a] mask and gloves so we don’t know….He doesn’t have [a] heart. Heartless people — only money, money, money.”

“He could have taken all the money and [left] them alone.”

The employee has since been discharged from the hospital — but “now he has to go through all the pain,” Jagadish said. “He is always going to have the pain now.”

The other victim is doing OK, according to Jagadish, who said he spoke with his son-in-law Sunday.

The deli had been closed since the incident and just re-opened Tuesday. Blood and bloodied paper towels remained in the store and shelves with food items were overturned.

“This is out of control,” the deli owner said. “Crime is becoming an issue in Jamaica.”