Ronaldinho released from Paraguay detention after five months

Ronaldinho, the former football star who played for Brazil, was recently released by the Paraguayan judge on Monday after a total of 5 months spent in detention. He was charged with possessing a passport that was a forged one.

On the other hand, Roberto de Assis Moreira, his brother, was also released by Gustavo Amarilla, the very same judge. He had been serving his sentence in prison for one month, along with 4 months spent in a Paraguayan hotel under home arrest. He stayed at this hotel in Asuncion after being charged for the very same crime.

As per the judge, Ronaldinho can now travel freely to any country as per requirement. However, he needs to inform the authorities if he plans on changing his permanent residency for a span of 1 year. He has to undergo no strict restrictions with the exception of the reparations fulfillment for the damage done by him to the society.

Dressed in a black-colored shirt, beret, as well as jeans, the former player accepted his release terms inclusive of $90,000 payments made to correct the damages. His brother Roberto, who also works as the business manager for Ronaldinho, needs to pay up $110,000 as a penalty for the same.