Russians trying to break through Ukrainian defense line near Kreminna, Hayday says

Serhiy Hayday

“As of today, the toughest situation is in the area of Kreminna,” Hayday said. “There, there’s the highest number of shelling and attacks in order to break through our defenses. The area of Svatovo is very active, too. However, our positions there are more stable and we hit battle vehicles there every day. Recently, our guys burnt out three of the enemy’s infantry fighting vehicles there,” the governor said.

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Hayday added that shelling is continuing across the region, while the enemy’s tactics are different in various areas because of the different landscape. In the area of Svatovo, they use armed vehicles to get as close as possible to Ukraine’s defensive line, and attacking with infantry under their covering fire. The forests around Kreminna prevent the enemy using this tactic.

The situation is difficult in all areas of Luhansk Oblast, although under the control of the Ukrainian army, Hayday said.

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Earlier, Hayday said that the Russians had set up a powerful radio-electronic warfare system near Kreminna that hinders the use of drones, while intensifying shelling and assaults in Luhansk Oblast.

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