Satellite images of aircraft at Machulishchy airfield after alleged drone attack published

Dark spots can be seen on the wings of the A-50 aircraft on the satellite images of the military airbase in the village of Machulishchy, Belarus. The Belarusian partisans reported about damaging the aircraft earlier.

Source: investigative agency Bellingcat

Details: Journalists received satellite images made by the Planet Labs company on 28 February. The images show an aircraft similar to A-50 with dark spots on its wings.

Bellingcat compared the images made before and after the incident and came to the conclusion that the colours of the wings were different.



Aircraft photo for February 19

Yet journalists stated that the visual effect may have been caused by the snow on the surface of the aircraft so they cannot confirm the statements by Byelorussian partisans about damaging the A-50 so far.


  • Early on Sunday, 26 February, explosions occurred at the Machulishchy airfield in Belarus. There were also reports that a Russian radar aircraft was damaged.

  • Alexander Azarov, representative of the BYPOL initiative, reported that the Byelorussian partisans were behind the attack. The participants of the alleged diversion in Machulishchy left Belarus and are in safety at the moment.

  • A day after the alleged incident at the military airbase in the village of Machulishchy, the Belarusian border guards significantly enhanced the check-up on the state border.

  • The media published satellite images of the aircraft before the incident.

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