Savannah Chrisley Shocks With Soft New Look

Chrisley Knows Best fans are in agreement that Savannah Chrisley’s makeup on a recent episode of the reality TV series was on-point. The praise of her choice in makeup actually surfaced in a thread that was initially posted to drag her.

In a Reddit thread with a screenshot of her from an episode of the show, one individual said “Yikes” as they referred to her makeup. In the comments, fans agreed that while they were all for dragging Savannah when she deserved to be dragged, this was NOT one of those times. In fact, fans agreed this was reaching and her makeup actually looked great. Keep reading to see Savannah’s soft new look.

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Savannah Chrisley dials back orange complexion and bronzer?

Chrisley Knows Best fans on Reddit usually don’t care for Savannah’s makeup. In fact, they are pretty quick to point out that she almost always appears to have the orange complexion of an oompa loompa (or Donald Trump) and uses entirely too much bronzer. Fans, however, did NOT agree with the OP on this Reddit thread and thought her makeup on a recent episode of the series actually looked pretty good.

In fact, many fans were quick to blast the OP as they agreed they were reaching for a reason to criticize Savannah simply because they didn’t like her. Here’s what some fans had to say regarding her makeup in the recent episode of the series:

  • “She’s not orange and bronzed into oblivion for a change…..I like it !! The overly tanned look is so fake and unflattering on most people anyways.”
  • “This is actually pretty good, much better than usual.”
  • “I was just gonna say I think she looks beautiful here! There’s a lot of things to call her out for, but her looks aren’t one of them!”
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With her recent outburst on Twitter, fans agree there are a lot of ugly things they can call Savannah Chrisley out for. But, her makeup at this point in time during this episode is not one of them.


One more frustrated fan thought the level of toxic Savannah bullying on this Reddit community was disgusting and begged fans to consider having empathy for Savannah and stop going after her over things she can’t control.

This poor girl can’t win! And people wonder why she’s clapping back. Taking pics of a tv screen to zoom in and overanalyze people’s looks is beyond bizarre and extremely shallow. This is extra stupid because her makeup looks good. The Savannah bullying is really mean and she doesn’t deserve it.

Do you agree that Savannah was looking great during this scene? Are fans just looking for reasons to drag her down? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.


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