‘Seems to be the ways guys want to do it nowadays’

Le’Veon Bell’s return to the field wasn’t the biggest headline surrounding the Pro Bowl running back on Sunday, but rather what he did off it.

After the Jets’ suffered their fifth straight loss, Bell was seen liking tweets that said head coach Adam Gase needed to use him more than the one target he got in the pass game. He also liked a tweet that suggested he should be traded away from New York.

During a conference call with reporters, Gase addressed Bell’s actions, saying that he wished frustrated players would just come to him instead of going on social media to speak their mind.

“I hate that’s the route that we go with all of this instead of just talking to me about it, but it is the way guys want to do it nowadays,” Gase said.

While Gase may not like the way Bell went about it, he understands why he – along with the rest of the team – is frustrated at the moment.

“No, I haven’t had a chance to speak with him on those specific topics yet. It is what it is,” Gase explained. “I know he’s frustrated that we haven’t won. Wasn’t necessarily the plan of not targeting him in the pass game. Just kinda ended up being that way because of how they were playing us. That’s what it is. You just got to try to find ways to move the football, that’s all we’re trying to do. Doesn’t always go exactly as planned.

“I get it in the aspect of players getting frustrated when they feel like they should be targeted more or getting more touches. There’s a lot of guys feeling that way and we just got to go back to work and figure out ways to get our guys involved.”

Gase was asked specifically about Bell liking the tweet referencing a trade, and he responded by saying he and GM Joe Douglas have only discussed the 30-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and nothing else.

The Jets obviously know what Bell can bring to the offense, but as Gase put it, “sometimes the defense takes guys away.” Jamison Crowder was the Jets’ best weapon on Sunday, as he totaled another week with over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Bell, on the other hand, had 60 yards rushing on 13 carries in his return while his only reception went for seven yards.