Sights and sounds from Weddington’s spring football practice

HighSchoolOT had an opportunity to observe Weddington High School’s final spring ball practice of 2023. Featuring 3-star QB Tyler Budge, 3-star WR Keenan Jackson, Wake Forest DB commit Sam Neely, class of 2026 standouts Aiden Harris and Thomas Davis Jr., and head coach Andy Capone.

OK. Yeah, I said remember it for next time so we can rotate it and don’t make us look bad. Yeah, I’m sure you’re the best man. I’m good at that. I had like three. We go. I’m good. You go, go, go, go, go. There it is a trick. It looks good. Looks good. No, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy here. Good, good. That was better. Much better. Good switching, switching, switching people. Trying to, trying to take away from it. What? Right. No. Right. Let’s go. Go see. Good, good, good. Bump it over it over here. Let’s go. It’s really hard, isn’t it? Jump side, jump it to the take this. So oh God split a little bit but here we go. Here we go. So come. Have I got him other way. Way two. Final drive, right? Not to drink for my dog. My best. I got my feet. Yeah. Hey, we’re gonna see uh inside the emphasis listeners. Oh God. Oh God for D V. Hey, bring it on. I gotta get the eye down the eye. This man drop there down Ghost. You right here right here like fall as you gotta be here. Boom. Wherever you go, your feet down this ready go step, step and then that way I go outside, I’m be here, I’m gonna look right here. Alright. When he look inside, I’m looking inside. Hey now, hey Will. Good, good. Oh yeah, how’s going? Yeah and it was just like you know he was like he was like, oh yeah, yeah I mean I started to like how about I try to like go like, like 123 and the inside, but even on the, like when we first started doing almost cutting short, not just like it way too easy about to happen. See, and I got a phone, right. Good play. Let’s go do another one. Let’s do it right. Question once we’re done. Ok. I want you guys to at least take your practice jerseys home. All right. If you want to leave your helmet and your shoulder pads in there, you can understand if you’re going to a camp within the next 10 days because we’re off for the next 10 days until June 12 and you need your helmet. You might want to take it with you or you can get out of school. I’m coming Sunday morning at eight o’clock because you begged me to open it for you. Be responsible about your stuff. All right, when we go up there, ok. Uh, Gannon’s team, you guys won. All right, the off season competition, you guys will eat first. You’ll have steaks everybody else after that, we’ll go, junior, sophomores, freshman after that. All right, everybody will eat. But team congrats, uh, round of applause to you guys. Ok. Understand. Just because spring ball is over doesn’t mean the off season is over. We still got a week of the way room. You still got a week of class and then a week of exams. All right. Make sure you take care of that. Defendant should sit back and say, yeah, I put in a lot of work all going to waste and you get in the summer, but make sure you appreciate the work you put in these last three months or so, all three things in the next 10 days. Ok. Finish your great strong. All right, if you’re healthy, stay healthy. All right, if you’re not healthy, get healthy. All right, and make sure you’re making smart choices. All right. So I know everyone said that, ok, you got to be healthy going in the gym. All right, as you go. All right, everybody’s got to go to camp. All right. I understand that as you go can make sure you have the ultimate goal in mind and that’s wedding for football. All right. Ok. So make sure we’ll talk about that more. But make sure you understand as I’m camping, we still got a goal. We got to win football games when it comes to it. All right. It’s a marathon coach said it. All right. It’s a marathon. So make sure you’re being smart with your choices as we move into it. All right. But please, I appreciate the work that you guys have done. I know that coach, we appreciate it. All right. We’re excited to get to it and play against other people. But make sure as you, as you leave today, you know, you tell somebody that you worked out with, you, tell somebody in your lifting group and make sure you tell yourself. You know, I appreciate the work. I put it. If you don’t feel like that you got a couple of months to fix it. All right. But I, I will say for, you know, the 85 of you out here, right? Almost all of you put in the work that we need.