‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Real Motive For Big Hair Change?

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Meri Brown of Sister Wives was sporting a fresh edgy short haircut with a new hint of color on Instagram recently and fans are here for this single and sexy side of the TLC star. On Reddit, however, Sister Wives fans believe there is a reason Meri continues to make such dramatic changes to the length of her hair and the way she’s combing it over. Was she just going for a new look or is there another reason for the changes to her hairstyle? Keep reading to learn what fans think about it.

Meri Brown makes dramatic change to hair, is she hiding something?

Sister Wives fans shared a screenshot of Meri Brown’s latest change to her hair on Instagram. The OP that shared the screenshot admitted they were loving the short look and the fresh color. Many other fans chimed in that they were a bit surprised it was so short and thought she was looking a lot like TLC alum Kate Gosselin.

Meri Brown Sister Wives Instagram

Not everyone who popped into the thread was loving Meri’s new look. In fact, one fan pointed out the extreme comb-over was atrocious and they suspected Meri was actually hiding something.

This Sister Wives fan speculated that Meri was making dramatic changes to her hair and testing the waters with the extreme comb-over because her hair was likely starting to thin out the same way her late mother’s hair did. Being constantly in the spotlight and under a magnifying glass, the fan speculates Meri is trying to hide her hair thinning out with this dramatic change.

Meri Brown - Sister Wives- Instagram
Meri Brown – Sister Wives- Instagram

After thinking it over for a minute, other fans chimed in noting that the individual had a point and they were probably “exactly right” about the real motive behind the change to Meri’s hair. Diving a bit deeper into it, fans point out that Christine has only seemingly gotten more attractive since walking away from Kody. So, Meri Brown must be struggling with the same thing not happening to her.

Do you think the Sister Wives star was just feeling edgy and wanted to try out a new look? Or, do you think she’s actually trying to hide something? Drop your answers in the comments section below. And, come back to Tv Shows Ace for all your Sister Wives’ news and gossip.