‘Sister Wives’ Robyn And Kody Brown Splurge On Luxury Getaway

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Sister Wives star Robyn and Kody Brown are splurging on a luxury getaway. After his split from Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown, Kody has been spoiling his only wife with lavish trips and shopping sprees. Last weekend, the reality couple was spotted in Las Vegas with another woman. As per sources, she was Robyn’s sister, Taralyce Sullivan. Keep reading to find out the details.

Kody Brown Is Spending A Lot On Robyn’s Shopping Sprees

Kody and Robyn were in Las Vegas without the TLC camera crew exploring and shopping. Additionally, fans saw them shopping at high-end Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. A source close to the family revealed to The Sun, “All of Kody’s grand gestures and lavish trips and shopping extravaganzas are to make Robyn happy. He’s spending a lot of money on Robyn because that’s what makes her happy. They’ve very much about materialistic things.”

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This rare Las Vegas trip comes after several reports revealed that the couple filmed at a Mexico resort. Moreover, this was where the husband and wife allegedly met a potential new wife being courted by Kody at the time. However, it didn’t work out and the unknown woman ended the relationship.

Robyn Has Been Craving Kody Brown’s Attention Lately

As per the source, Robyn has been craving Kody’s attention after his separation from his three former wives. Apart from a few rare outings, the TV stars have been nestled peacefully in their Flagstaff home.

“This isn’t their happily ever after. They’re both disappointed in how things unfolded with the other wives and they have a lot of mess to clean up,” said the insider.

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Kody Brown still wishes to lead a polygamous lifestyle and is desperately looking for a new wife.

Did Kody Brown Or TLC Make Gwendlyn Redact Her Statement?

While the Brown family patriarch is busy looking for a new partner, his daughter Gwendlyn Brown hasn’t shied away from talking about him. She recently claimed that her father had been physically abusive to her. In her reaction video shared on Patreon, she said, “I remember being bruised a few times when my dad would spank me. Or he has admitted to throwing me in the air to scare me into not doing something. So, yes, he has been physically abusive.”

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Although Kody Brown has yet to react to the abuse allegations, it seems that he did react behind the camera. Just hours after releasing the video on her Patreon account, she re-edited it to remove the allegations and posted it again. It seems like TLC or Kody had a hand in Gwendlyn redacting her statement.

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