Skid Row ‘governor’ slams LA officials for demolishing tricked-out tent

The self-proclaimed “governor” of Los Angeles’ infamous Skid Row has lashed out after her tent mansion — complete with a hot tub and kitchen — was torn down by city officials.

Stephanie Arnold Williams’ encampment, known as the White House, was among a handful of tents demolished with a bulldozer earlier this month by the city’s sanitation department as part of a “routine cleanup,” LAMag reported.

Her pop-up home, which was located at 5th and San Pedro streets, had been tricked-out with windows and linoleum floors, two queen-size beds, portable toilets, an inflatable hot tub and gas stove.

The mom of three, who has been living on Skid Row since 2013 when she moved from Indiana, slammed city officials over the move — accusing them of singling her out specifically.

“They targeted me. They came straight to me with bulldozers. That’s not a routine cleanup to come with a bulldozer,” Williams told LA Magazine this week.

Stephanie Arnold Williams’ Skid Row encampment, which was known as the White House and featured a hot tub, was torn down by LA city officials earlier this month.

A queen-sized bed in the tent
The tent mansion was complete with two queen-sized beds, a kitchen and linoleum floors.

“They didn’t offer me housing. They didn’t offer me anything. They took my blankets, my contact lenses, all my food. They threw away pots and pans and cups and things I needed to eat.”

Williams, who has become an advocate for the homeless in the neighborhood and is known to many as the “governor,” claims cops only gave her 30 minutes’ notice of the pending destruction — despite those in a tent across the street being given a two-week eviction notice.

She insisted that her encampment had become a safe haven for others in the notorious neighborhood — and accused the city of not doing enough to aid the homeless.

The tent being bulldozed
Williams’ encampment, known as the White House, was among a handful of tents demolished with a bulldozer earlier this month.

“I provide tents around me while people are waiting for housing,” she said of her activism.

Williams said she had even tried to come up with a solution to sidewalk tents being unsanitary by building her massive structure on a wheeled platform.

“I put wheels on my house so that you can clean underneath. I’m the one that gets on my hands and knees and scrubs this ground with a mop. I use a toothbrush to get into cracks,” she said.

*Skid Row 'governor' slams LA officials for demolishing her tent mansion with hotub
Stephanie Arnold Williams, aka the “governor” of LA’s Skid Row, claims cops only gave her 30 minutes’ notice before evicting her from her tent.

Police stand guard as city officials tore down the tent
The LAPD stood guard as city officials carried out a “routine cleanup” that saw the White House tent demolished.

“There’s not even a cigarette butt on this ground. I’m the best cleaner. I had a solution.”

She added: “I called my place the White House because the government’s not doing their job properly. And I’m here to show them how it’s done. Those guys did not think of an idea. They don’t have a plan.”

Williams is currently staying in a hotel in the wake of her eviction but plans to move into a “tiny home” structure she has in a parking lot near where her White House tent structure used to stand.