Skip Bayless goes on unhinged Twitter rant on Russell Westbrook

It’s safe to say that Skip Bayless is not a fan of Russell Westbrook.

On Monday afternoon, Bayless opened fire on the former Lakers guard after ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news he will be signing with the Clippers.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” Bayless tweeted. “…The Clippers fell into the same trap LeBron did. Russ: MORE TROUBLE THAN HE’S WORTH.”

This was just the beginning of his Twitter assault on Westbrook.

“I picked the Clippers to win it all. That was before the Suns landed KD & the Clippers were foolish enough to sign Westbrook,” he continued. “His mind-blowing turnovers & NBA-worst 3-pt shooting will wreck their psyche. He will torment Ty Lue/Kawhi/PG. NOW I’M OUT ON THE CLIPS. LAKERS>>>>CLIPS.”

Skip Bayless
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Westbrook does have the worst career 3-point percentage (30.4 percent) in NBA history among those who have attempted at least 2,500 3-point shots. He also ranks fourth in the NBA in turnovers per game this season, with 3.56.

Bayless did admit that Westbrook brings energy with his play, but then turned the half-compliment into another thrashing.

“Yes, Russ plays hard – for Russ & his stats. He’s a solo act. He leads the NBA in turnovers per 36 mins – but so many are so bad they’re demoralizing,” Bayless said. “Fans say ‘noooo’ when he thinks about shooting a 3. Worst hands of any point guard ever. Will makes waves if doesn’t play 4th qs.”

He decided to go even further and call Westbrook out for being “delusional” about his current player-status. Bayless acknowledged that the former MVP was once a superstar in the league, but then declared the issue is that Westbrook “lives in his past.”

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook
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This Westbrook bashing from Bayless isn’t particularly surprising, as he is the same man who coined and often uses the term “Westbrick.” He made sure to remind people of that during his tirade, saying: “In the end he’s Russell Westbrick.”

The Clippers were next in the line of fire.

“Now the Clippers are saying, ‘Watch US make it work with Russ.’ No you won’t.”

Despite the harsh comments from Bayless, ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk reported that the Clippers are excited about their new acquisition.

“Clippers love their new pieces but with input from Kawhi, PG + Ty Lue, Clips know they can use a point guard who can push tempo, get to rim + add intensity,” Youngmisuk said in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.

Maybe Westbrook’s new Los Angeles home can jumpstart something in the former All-Star – or maybe he’ll continue to prove Bayless right.