“Slap in the Face”: Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Talks About Reality Check Suffered During 2019-20 Season

The Golden State Warriors were the most dominant team in the 2010s. They had five consecutive Finals appearances and won three out of those. The last loss in 2019 was a bit unexpected for them and brought them back to reality.

During a podcast with Matt Barnes, coach Steve Kerr talked about the transition from being contenders till 2018-19 to finishing at the bottom last season.

“It was a slap in the face for sure. The injuries to Steph and Klay were killers obviously. You are talking about two of the best guards in the league and two of the best shooters in the world.

“When Steph when down in the fourth game it was apparent pretty quickly that this is now a development year. Play these young guys and try to help them get better.

“It’s usually what happens in life nobody gets to win every year. We had been on this incredible run and now it’s our turn to get smacked in the face. It’s time to get up off the mat and see if we can make another run.”

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What can one expect from the Warriors next season?

The 2019-20 season was a blessing in disguise for the Warriors, according to star Stephen Curry. Back in August, he said, “this could be a blessing in disguise, in terms of this next 3-4 year run we want to have — (a chance to) get rested, get healthy.”

The continuous playoff runs were exhausting for the team, especially their star players Curry and Klay Thompson. So a break could help them revitalize and, like Curry says, prepare them for another run.

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In previous years, the Warriors have always struggled with a weak bench. But heading into the upcoming season, they now have solid players who can help off the bench.

Players like Eric Paschall, Jordan Poole, Marquese Chriss, and Damion Lee showed that they can be good rotational pieces.

So not only do the Warriors have their core back, but they also have a competitive bench and a top prospect incoming with the #2 overall pick in the 2020 Draft.

There is no doubt that the Warriors will return to being one of the best teams in the league in the upcoming season, and they will definitely fight for the title.