Somber Mykelti Padron Is Missing Her Husband, Tony

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Sister Wives cast member, Mykelti Padron loves her little family. She and her husband, Tony Padron have three children together now. Their daughter, Avalon is a ray of sunshine and they recently welcomed twins, Ace and Archer. Now that they have three kids, life has gotten a lot busier. Mykelti is having trouble trying to find that balance between her love life and her children, but it has been tough. In fact, now she is really missing her dates with Tony since having the kids.

Mykelti Padron Misses Her Husband

In her most recent post on Instagram, Myketli shared with her fans that she was missing her husband’s time. She shared a picture of one of their coffee shop date nights. She captioned it, “My kids are wonderful, but I always miss just being with my husband. So for dates, we enjoy going to a coffee house and just enjoying each other. Our favorite right now is his laptop for chess and my book. We used to do dates like this all the time before our kids, and now it’s still one of the best dates.” She used the hashtags, “dating after kids”, “quiet time”, and “quiet time is for books.”

Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

As soon as her fans saw this, they knew that they would give her some positive thoughts to help her not feel so somber. One fan wrote to her, “I’ve been married 40 years and my husband and I have dates like this. It’s the knowledge of knowing we are there for each other and comfortable enough that things have been said before and silence is really golden.” Another added, “My hubby and I have kiddos too, once a week once they are asleep we will sit and watch a movie and order a pizza. Not only do we value that time but we always have leftovers for the kids’ lunch. It’s the little things. A date can be anything you both enjoy! It doesn’t have to cost a bunch of cash.”

Tony Supports Mykelti As Stay-At-Home Dad

As a mother of three, taking care of the kids can be tough. However, Mykelti Padron has a great support system in her husband. Mykelti is currently the only parent working in the home and Tony watches the kids. She is still working as a retailer for LuLaRoe and has made a good living from doing so. As much hate as the retailer has gotten, Mykelti is still going strong with her sales and this allows Tony to stay at home with the kids.

Tony may be staying at home, but it turns out that he has income coming in as well. He does remote video game work that helps to pay the bills too. However, most of his days are spent helping the kids until Mykelti is done working and then he gets time to play video games.

Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

Do you think these quiet date nights are good for the Padrons? What kind of dates would you suggest for them? We would love to hear your suggestions down below in the comments. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.