Sons of the Forest: Hang glider location

Walking from landmark to landmark in Sons of the Forest will eat up a lot of your time and resources, but you can skip the trek with the addition of the hang glider in Patch 01. Carry your nifty hang glider to the top of a mountain or cliff, and simply run off to drift away to your desired location. Continue reading to learn where to find the hang glider and how to ride it.

Hang glider locations in Sons of the Forest

There are numerous hang glider locations in Sons of the Forest. We currently know of four locations, but there’s more that we haven’t found yet. Check out the image gallery below to see the hang glider locations.

Our map doesn’t have the locations of every hang glider in Sons of the Forest, but it’ll be updated once we find them all. If you’re looking for other hang gliders, we recommend that you search in areas with high elevation like cliffsides and the mountain.

How to use the hang glider in Sons of the Forest

Riding a hang glider in Sons of the Forest over the beach and some trees.

Image: Endnight Games/Newnight via Sports Grind Entertainment

The hang glider returns to Sons of the Forest and allows you to easily travel from landmark to landmark, as long as you have a a high point to jump off of.

Once you find a hang glider and equip it, you’ll need an elevated area to jump off of. Your jumping off point must be high enough for you to be in the air for a couple seconds.

In the air, your vertical controls will be inverted; press “W” to descend, which will increase your speed, and press “S” to ascend and slow down. Horizontal controls remain the same: “A” to fly left and “D” to fly right.

To land the hang glider, you can either nose dive straight down or press “S” until you slow down to a halt until you eventually reach the ground. You won’t take any fall damage for crash landing onto the ground, but make sure to stray away from any walls or trees because you will fall out of the sky.

The hang glider won’t fit into your backpack, so you’ll have to either remember where you leave your hang glider or return to a hang glider’s location to get another one.