Sons of the Forest: Shotgun location, plus how to get shotgun ammo

Guns are very useful Sons of the Forest for one reason: They’re able to destroy a majority of your scary enemies. The shotgun in particular can take care of any enemy — so long as you have the ammo to do so. The only issue is that the shotgun can be hard to get your hands on. Read on to find out where to find the shotgun in Sons of the Forest and how to get some shotgun ammo.

How to get the shotgun in Sons of the Forest

Graphic: Johnny Yu/Sports Grind Entertainment | Image source: Endnight Games/Newnight via Meryhathor/Reddit

To get the shotgun in Sons of the Forest, you’ll first need the shovel, which can be found in a cave further to the south.

  1. Open your GPS and locate the markers on the map with an exclamation point inside of them.
  2. Head to the marker that is closer to the coast, but not in the ocean. Check the image above for further assistance. Also, your GPS will beep faster as you get closer to the marker.
  3. Use the shovel to dig up the grave.
  4. Break open the coffin, and collect the shotgun inside.

Where to find shotgun ammo in Sons of the Forest

Ammo is a hot commodity in Sons of the Forest, so make sure to use your ammo sparingly. Shotgun ammo can be found scattered around the map in landmarks like caves, camps, bunkers, and random containers. If you’re really desperate for some ammo, you can save beside a location that is known to have shotgun ammo, then reload your save to respawn the ammo.

The shotgun can also be given to Virginia after you befriend her, which will turn her into a cannibal-killing machine.