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Sony Confirms Much Awaited News for Spider Man Miles Morales Ahead of Release




Sony Confirms Much Awaited News for Spider Man Miles Morales Ahead of Release

As predicted, the PlayStation 5 Showcase came as one of the best reveals so far. And with it, revealed Sony’s master plan to win the next generational “console war.” With the exclusive games displayed today, it is not a surprise that Sony waited for the opportune moment to get ahead of its competitors.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

For RPG fans, the greatest surprise came in the form of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The showcase showed a little of the gameplay, and the entire world is spellbound.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

It is not just the advanced graphical or audio features that steal the show. Spider-Man Miles Morales is going to coalesce a lot of strings and elements from popular culture.

PS5 reveal shows off Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay

First and foremost, the game takes off one year after the first game. It shows that Miles has now relocated to Harlem where he tries to balance his life between a good son and the city’s savior. This has made Miles keep an eye over his shoulder, or wear his spidey suit underneath.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

It is also shown that Miles’ mom, Rio Morales, is running for an election. A war for power breaks out between the evil corporation Roxxon and The Underground, a band of criminals led by the Tinkerer.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The gameplay shows us a glimpse of what it will be like to stand between these two evil forces as Spider-Man. From the looks of it, the game is paying tribute to the movies and the comic books. The moment where Miles Morales is holding the bridge from falling with just his webs is reminiscent of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The fight sequence that breaks out shows us the true potential and quality of graphics on PS5. The color schemes, the high-resolution details are joyfully evident. Delightfully, even the slightest stimulation of Spidey-Sense can be felt through the Dual Sense Controller.

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Exclusive only for PlayStation owners

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The Braithwaite Bridge fight sequence is just a trailer of what is to come. Perhaps they are even going to bring back some elements from previous Spider-Man games. This is a great way to lure Spider-Man fans into buying the console.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The game will naturally be exclusive for PlayStation owners. A speculative guess can see it becoming an instant sensation when it releases. The confirmation that the game will also make its way to PlayStation 4 was perhaps the most well-greeted news, along with the price of the console, of course.

Thus, for all the PlayStation owners out there, Spider-Man just became a priority.


Christine founded Sports Grind Entertainment with an aim to bring relevant and unaltered Sports news to the general public with a specific view point for each story catered by the team. She is a proficient journalist who holds a reputable portfolio with proficiency in content analysis and research.

Christine founded Sports Grind Entertainment with an aim to bring relevant and unaltered Sports news to the general public with a specific view point for each story catered by the team. She is a proficient journalist who holds a reputable portfolio with proficiency in content analysis and research.

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Dalvin Cook’s breakdown of Devonta Freeman should soothe Giants




Dalvin Cook's breakdown of Devonta Freeman should soothe Giants

Life After Saquon Barkley officially begins now for the 2020 New York Football Giants.

Life After Saquon Barkley begins Sunday against the decimated 49ers with Daniel Jones promising he won’t try to carry the team, and the day.

It begins with Joe Judge asking for complementary football from his defense and special teams, because he has seen firsthand that it takes a village.

It begins with Judge asking every Giant to … Bill Belichick Spoiler Alert … do your job, and nothing more.

It begins with Jason Garrett coordinating his first game plan After Saquon Barkley.

And finally, it begins with no individual back trying to replace Saquon Barkley.

The Giants, starting here and now, resemble a majority of NFL teams that lack that transcendent bell-cow running back, and there is precedent for Running Back By Committee, because once upon a time, they boasted a feared three-headed monster they nicknamed Earth (Brandon Jacobs), Wind (Derrick Ward) and Fire (Ahmad Bradshaw). Those three — behind a tough, cohesive offensive line — were instrumental in helping Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin earn their Super Bowl championship following the 2007 season.

Once the force-feeding ends, Devonta Freeman will head the RBBC, and someone who knows him better than anyone guarantees that the Giants and their fans will love him, on the field and in the locker room.

Devonta Freeman
Devonta FreemanCharles Wenzelberg/New York Post

“First they’re getting a leader in that locker room,” Vikings elite RB Dalvin Cook told The Post. “On the field, the more touches he gets, the better he gets, the stronger he gets. Just expect a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from his teammates.”

Cook followed Freeman, who grew up in around the mean streets of a Liberty City housing project called Pork ’N Beans, at Miami Central High School, where Freeman won the 2010 state championship with a 38-carries, 308-yards rushing day. Cook then followed Freeman to Florida State.

“Devonta always ran with that determination, and he always had good feet and good hands,” Cook said. “I kind of tried to model my game behind his.”

They grew up 10-15 minutes from each other, and Freeman hosted Cook during his college visit.

“He was just always a guy that I could lean on, and he really showed me the blueprint of, ‘Go in, don’t worry about being drafted, just go work hard and worry about the results later,’ ” Cook said.

So, from 2014-16, Cook rushed for 4,464 yards with 46 TDs and caught 79 passes with two TDs. From 2011-13, Freeman had rushed for 2,255 yards with 30 TDs and caught 48 passes with one TD in his three seasons at the school.

Freeman played for the Liberty City Optimist Warriors program founded by Luther Campbell.

“He played for Uncle Luke,” Cook said. “I knew who was Devonta was.”

Cook and Freeman played for Miami Central coach Telly Lockette.

“Telly Lockette is the person that made him the running back he is today,” Cook said. “That’s our guy. That’s how I met him.”

Cook is in regular contact with Freeman and looks forward to following him from afar.

“It’s gonna be fun to have him in that locker room up there in New York, the guys are gonna love him,” Cook said. “I’m just happy for him. Just being an NFL player, I know being away from the game, it kind of messes you mentally a little bit. I know the person Devonta is, he wants to be on that field.”

How much he will be on the field in his Giants debut is a question. Freeman will be motivated to return to his former Pro Bowl form. He was a 1,000-yard rusher in 2015 and ’16. He caught 73 passes in ’15 and 54 in ’16. And 59 last season.

He is not Saquon Barkley. The Giants won’t ask him to be.

“He’s not gonna try to be Saquon, “ Cook said, “he’s gonna try to be the best version of Devonta he could be.”

RBBC first. Then Life With Devonta Freeman.


Christine founded Sports Grind Entertainment with an aim to bring relevant and unaltered Sports news to the general public with a specific view point for each story catered by the team. She is a proficient journalist who holds a reputable portfolio with proficiency in content analysis and research.

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MLB playoff scenarios 2020: Updated standings & more to know for regular season’s final weekend




MLB playoff scenarios 2020: Updated standings & more to know for regular season's final weekend

The final weekend of the 2020 MLB season has arrived, already. 

Some playoff teams and seeds from this 60-game season have long been known — like the Dodgers as the NL’s No. 1 overall seed — but there is still much to be determined over these final few days, like which of six different teams Los Angeles might face as the No. 8 seed. 

“Every day on the show, we throw up the standings and it goes from a Dodgers-Giants matchup to a Dodgers-Reds matchup to a Dodgers-Brewers matchup,” said Mark DeRosa, the 16-year MLB veteran who has become a star as part of MLB Network’s “MLB Central” every morning. “It’s changing constantly. I don’t think the Dodgers necessarily care, but I don’t think anybody wants to see, in a three-game series, the Reds with Trevor Bauer, Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray.”

MORE: MLB’s playoff bubble, explained: A complete guide

Consider this your “what to know” primer as we head into this final weekend. All the standings and scenarios will be updated before Saturday’s and Sunday’s games. 

For the sixth year in a row, every game on the final day of the regular season — well, final scheduled day, but more on that in a minute — will start at the same time, 3 p.m. ET. It’s a great move put in by MLB, and it creates a lot of potential drama for baseball fans, too. 

DeRosa moves from his spot on the morning show to help out with MLB Network’s nine hours of coverage, including “MLB Tonight,” starting at 2 p.m. ET.  

“Super excited about that, to be honest with you. Our show’s so different from reacting to live action, like on ‘MLB Tonight,’” he said. “A lot of our stuff is pre-prepped the night before and trying to bring a little humor to it, as well. Here you can just get your pants dirty and get into the games. I’m excited for that. I always think back to the year Longoria hit the home run to send the Rays to the postseason and everything took place on that ‘MLB Tonight’ set within a matter of two or three minutes. Hopefully it lends itself to us being pretty excited on the set.” 

So that’s how you watch on Sunday. Here’s what you need to know for the five most important playoff/seeding races. 

For the AL’s top three seeds …

The three division winners get the top three seeds, but the order for those seeds has yet to be decided. Thing is, getting the No. 1, or especially No. 2, seed isn’t necessarily the best spot for the opening round. Because of the way the seeding/bracket was set up this season, the Astros — as the No. 2 team in the AL West — are pretty much locked into the No. 6 seed (seeds 4-6 go to division runner-ups, and seeds 7-8 go to wild-cards, which means they’ll play the No. 3 seed. But the Astros have hovered around .500 all season, and they’re a much more appealing foe in a best-of-three Wild Card Series than whatever team winds up third in the AL Central or AL East. 

Here’s how that race stands heading into Friday’s games … 

1. Rays, 37-20, .649, —
2. A’s, 34-22, .607, 2.5 games back
3. Twins, 35-22, .614, 3 back
4 (tie) Indians, 34-24, .586, 4 back
4 (tie) White Sox, 34-24, .586, 4 back

The three AL Central teams cannot catch the Rays for the No. 1 seed, but any of the three could wind up with either the No. 2 or 3 seed. More on that here …

In the AL Central …

It’s a tight race. We’re looking at the 2/3 seed for the division winner, the 4/5 seed for the runner up and the 7 seed for the third-place team. So, for the 2020 postseason, that means home-field in the best-of-three WC round for the division champ, possible home-field for the runner up (if they finish ahead of the Yankees) and no home-field for third place. 

1. Twins, 35-22, .614, —
2. Indians, 34-24, .586, 1 back
3. White Sox, 34-24, .586, 1 back

A thought from DeRosa: “I look at the AL Central and it went from the White Sox looking like gangbusters and possibly running away with the Central and having that nice spot up top, to potentially getting run down, and now Cleveland’s gotten hot. They’re probably going to the postseason as one of the scariest matchups for anybody.”

Because it’s a division race, head-to-head is the first tie-breaker. Here’s how those look …

Cleveland holds the head-to-head against Chicago (8-2)
Minnesota has the head-to-head against Cleveland (7-3)
Minnesota and Chicago split the head-to-head (5-5), so it goes to division winning percentage. Chicago takes that, with a 25-15 record against AL Central teams; Minnesota was 23-17. 

MORE: Here are MLB’s updated playoff standings, magic numbers

For second place in the NL Central …

Only one of these three is guaranteed a playoff spot — the team that finishes second to the Cubs — but it’s possible all three could wind up in October, if the other two secure wild-card spots. It’s also possible that only the second-place team gets into the postseason. Let’s start with how these three stack up with each other heading into action Saturday …

Cardinals, 29-27, .518, —
Reds, 30-28, .517, —
Brewers, 28-30, 483, 2 back

The Cardinals and Brewers have two head-to-head games remaining. Obviously, the Brewers pretty much need to win both to have hopes of getting into the postseason. The Reds have two more against the Twins in Minnesota; they won the series opener on Friday. 

As far as tiebreakers, because they’re division teams, head-to-head plays …

The Cardinals have the head-to-head against the Reds (6-4).
The Cardinals and Brewers are tied (3-3) heading into the final four games.
The Reds have the head-to-head against the Brewers (6-4).

For the two NL wild cards …

OK, here’s where it gets complicated, with division runners-up for some reason getting automatic October tickets. The Marlins clinched second place in the NL East with their win in New York on Friday, and the Reds clinched at least a wild-card spot, though they’re still shooting for second in the NL Central. 

Here’s how the teams stack up heading into Saturday’s games 

Cardinals, 29-27, .518 (second NL Central berth)
Reds, 30-28, .517, first wild-card team
Giants, 29-29, .500, second wild-card team 
Phillies, 28-30, .483, 1 back
Brewers, 28-30, 483, 1 back

As discussed, the Cardinals, Reds and Brewers all have two ways to make it to October — finish second in their division, or get a wild-card berth. 

The Giants, though, only have the wild-card as an option. 

San Francisco split a double-header on Friday against the Padres and have two more with San DIego, on Saturday and Sunday. The Padres aren’t playing for anything; they’re locked into second place in the NL West and the No. 4 seed in the postseason. So that feels like a good thing for the Giants, right? Well, the Padres are still a talented team even if they’re not playing each game like their season is on the line. No easy task. The Giants, fwiw, are just 2-6 against the Padres this season. 

I asked DeRosa for his prediction, and here’s what he said: “Being on the media side, I always try to focus on what’s the better watch, and what’s going to bring me more entertainment, and man, I need the Cincinnati Reds in the postseason. I need Trevor Bauer and I need Nick Castellanos. They’re a team that hasn’t played up to expectations, I feel like, even within their own clubhouse. But they’re catching fire at the right time, and they become very dangerous with their starting rotation.” 

The Cardinals conundrum

The Cardinals, as you know, missed a long stretch of baseball as the club struggled to deal with a rash of positive COVID tests. They’ve played a ton of double-headers to catch up, and as things stand now they’re scheduled to play 58 games. There is the potential of playing one or two games against the Tigers on Monday, though, if necessary. 

How would this become necessary, you ask? If the result of those two extra games (Nos. 59 and 60) could impact which teams make the postseason, they will be played.

But if the only things on the line are the playoff seeds — not the teams in the playoffs — then the games would not be played, and winning percentage is the determining factor. So, if the Cardinals finish the day Sunday with a 30-28 record (.51724 winning percentage) and the Reds finish at 31-29 (.51666), then the Cardinals would be declared the NL Central runner-up and get the No. 5/6 seed, while the Reds would be a wild-card. Even though the Reds would, in that case, have won more games than the Cardinals, the team that has played fewer games has a fractionally higher winning percentage and that’s the rule. 

Fair? Probably not. But it’s a weird year and that’s where we are. 


Christine founded Sports Grind Entertainment with an aim to bring relevant and unaltered Sports news to the general public with a specific view point for each story catered by the team. She is a proficient journalist who holds a reputable portfolio with proficiency in content analysis and research.

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Jey Uso on facing Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions, why he prefers tag team wrestling and a rebirth of the Samoan SWAT Team




Jey Uso on facing Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions, why he prefers tag team wrestling and a rebirth of the Samoan SWAT Team

The only thing Jey Uso has ever known is tag team wrestling with his brother. For the past decade, Jey and Jimmy Uso have arguably been the class of WWE’s tag team division. Real-life brothers who have dedicated themselves to the lost art of tag team wrestling has paid off in dividends as The Usos are six-time tag team champions and on the shortlist of greatest tag teams in the history of pro wrestling. 

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However, an injury to Jimmy Uso back at WrestleMania 36 in March left Jey without his brother for the first time in his pro wrestling career. But it’s been a blessing in disguise as Jey has found himself in a Universal Championship match against his cousin Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions on Sunday on the WWE Network (7pm ET). 

Before Jey attempts to shock the world and pick up his first singles championship, he sat down with Sports Grind Entertainment to discuss facing Reigns, why being a tag team wrestler will always be more significant than any singles run, the possibility of joining his cousin for an all-Samoan faction and more.

Sports Grind Entertainment: Before we discuss the match with Reigns, I want to go back to 2016 when you and your brother turned heel. It was a defining moment for you and your brother as we finally saw your spread your wings as personalities. Was there a debate over the turn backstage?

Jey Uso: No, there was no debate. The seeds were planted when we were teaming with Roman. The crowd was just not having Roman and would boo his ass every week. We came out with him and that rubbed off on us! When the crowd started turning that’s when we realized that now was the time. 

You always have to pay attention to the reactions. We were excited and knew the people wanted to see us switch up. The bright colors and paint came from the Ultimate Warrior. That was our favorite wrestler along with the Great Muta. When it was time to switch we knew we needed to go black and white. The Nike Air Force 1s came from that. You can’t go wrong with the white ones. 

SN: How excited were you that you didn’t have to be the smiling and always happy babyfaces anymore?

JU: It propelled us into the Usos that you see today. You don’t remember that side of the Usos anymore. You know this side, the heel side. We got to show that we can talk, how we talk, the way we talk. When they gave us the microphone against American Alpha, that promo was the one that set us off. We spit that fire on them. I was ready for this moment. As soon as they let us talk, we were taking off. And it’s just a matter of time when you love the bad guys so much it turns us back to babyfaces. Once you get the real level of who you are, that’s the route you want to be in. 

SN: How is Jimmy doing? I heard this is the first injury he has ever had.

JU: He is doing great! This is the first injury since we were 11 years old that put him on the shelf. He’s rehabbing every single day. He’s watching every Friday, he tells me what to do, what not to do and how I look. He’s enjoying time at home with his kids. It’s been a blessing to work during this pandemic because it has cut our travel game in half. We get to stay at home with our family and our kids. And he’s loving it.

SN: Would you have been in this position if your brother didn’t get hurt?

JU: To be honest, Uce? Probably not. I would 100 percent still be in a tag team. When he went down, I was hosting karaoke shows! And then I show up at work and they tell me that I’m about to have a run with Roman. Get the hell outta here, bruh! I was legitimately off of work and then right back on. You gotta stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. In this business, you are either sitting still or you’re going 100 miles per hour. There’s no halfway. 

SN: What does this match mean for the family? Not as individuals, but as close family who are now competing for the Universal Championship in a pay per view. 

JU: We have so many marks on the wall of our achievements and this is just another one. My family has done so much, and people are loving this? Hell yeah! I have to get a grasp on this. It hasn’t hit me all the way yet. Every week I’m looking and wondering if this is me. Oh, s—, this is me! I’m just happy to make my family proud and to be in a position to do this with my cousin in the biggest wrestling company for a prestigious title. When I’m standing across the ring from him, you might catch me cheesing a little bit because look at how far we’ve come.

SN: You couldn’t have fathomed this. It’s like a dream.

JU: I’m pretty sure that I’ll wake up from it as soon as he slaps me. I’ll snap out of it real quick. This is real emotion but it’s going to be really physical. I know he’s going to bring it to me but I’m going to bring it to him because he’s my cousin and this is what we do. You are going to see two true Samoans go at it. I know there are some haters out there, thinking that I got no damn chance of what I’m doing in this position. If you don’t know I’m about to light his ass up on Sunday. He knows and I’m going to let the world know. 

SN: You have a WWE “Chronicle” coming up that’s focused on you. How strange was it to do without your brother there? 

JU: When I stutter during my promos, my brother is always there to tag in and let me collect my bearings. We lean on each other. But now I’m a lone soldier that has to stand on my own two feet. But it feels good. It allows me to grow. I want everyone to see “Chronicle” so you get to see Josh Fatu more than Jey Uso. 

SN: Let’s just say you become Universal Champion and your brother comes back into the picture. Is there a scenario where you defend the title but remain in a tag team with your brother to chase the tag titles?

JU: Hell yeah, Uce! Why tag teams have to break up before someone has to win the title? I can keep the Universal title and then go whoop on the Street Profits to get the Raw Tag Team titles. Tag team wrestling has always been our goal. We take pride in that. We love it. I’m never going to break up with my brother. 

SN: Speaking of tag teams, what tag team, past or present, would you like to face?

JU: The past is easy. Harlem Heat, Hart Foundation and Yokozuna and Owen Hart. We won our first tag titles from the New Age Outlaws and then we wrestled the Dudley Boys and the Hardy Boyz. We grew up idolizing these fools! As far as the present, we haven’t rocked with the Street Profits yet or the Viking Raiders. I have to keep an eye on the young tag teams coming up. Anybody can get it. 

SN: You have had some great feuds but there’s something about your chemistry with The New Day that brings out the best in you. Why is that?

JU: We have great chemistry with them because they are not selfish. They are just like us where everything isn’t just about how we look. It’s all for the match. We had several matches and my favorite part is trying to outdo the last match. 

Originally, that feud was only supposed to go for a PPV or two. One of the matches was the SummerSlam kickoff match. We lit it up. They’ve helped me pay my house off with that feud. I love them and will fight them every single day of the week. 

SN: Instead of facing Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions, is there a part of you that wonders what it would be like to team up with your cousin and brother as a faction?

JU: Hell yes! People would be like “The Shield who?” Look, The Shield was great but if they saw the three of us together? Nothing would be tighter than this. The Shield were brothers but we’re real life family. Look, I could whoop Roman’s ass on Sunday and then we’ll have breakfast Monday morning. That’s just how we roll. We can fight and love each other two minutes afterward. There will always be a bond between us no matter what. All three of us together? Come on, now! We just need a dope name.

SN: Have you thought of one?

JU: I’m thinking Samoan SWAT Team 2.0! Or, we bring back The Samoan Gangsta Party! Oh yeah. 

SN: If you had to choose between the Universal Championship or the Tag Team Championship, which is more significant to you and why?

JU: To answer the question honestly, I’m trying to be a part of the greatest tag team of all time. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a singles wrestler and being the Universal Champion would take me to another level. But being the best tag team ever was the goal since me and my brother were kids. We want to be the best at everything as a tag team. If it wasn’t for my brother being hurt, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now. People are doubting me now as a singles wrestler. But we’ve been doubted our whole lives. I like that part because you get to find out how strong you are. 


Christine founded Sports Grind Entertainment with an aim to bring relevant and unaltered Sports news to the general public with a specific view point for each story catered by the team. She is a proficient journalist who holds a reputable portfolio with proficiency in content analysis and research.

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