Steve Kerr, wife Margot didn’t last long watching Warriors’ Game 6 together

Why Kerr’s wife didn’t last long watching Game 6 with him originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Watching a basketball game with a die-hard NBA fan can be quite the experience.

Now, imagine watching an NBA playoff game with the head coach of one of the competing teams — who also happens to be your spouse.

That’s the situation Margot Kerr found herself in on Friday night as she and her husband, Warriors coach Steve Kerr, watched the close-out matchup between Golden State and the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals as he recovered from COVID-19.

And as one could expect, Steve was quite animated as the pair took in the game from home. He was so lively, in fact, that Margot only lasted about “two minutes” watching the game with her husband, Steve told reporters on Sunday.

“She sat there for about two minutes, and then announced that she was going to head downstairs to watch the Kardashians instead,” Steve said. “So it was a good arrangement.

“Like all good marriages, you know when to be together and when to give each other a little space. All is good now, though.”

The Warriors ultimately eliminated the Grizzlies with a 110-96 victory at Chase Center that saw the return of Game 6 Klay and a historic rebounding performance by Kevon Looney.

It was a close game until Golden State pulled away from Memphis in the fourth quarter, allowing Steve to release a sigh of relief from his couch.

But was there any yelling before that?

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“Perhaps,” Steve said before letting out a laugh.

Steve will be able to voice any frustration — or excitement — from the sidelines during Game 1 of the Western Conference finals on Wednesday as the Warriors coach has officially cleared all COVID protocols and returned to his role on Sunday.

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