‘Stranger Things:’ Millie Bobby Brown Suffers Tragic Loss

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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to mourn a tragic loss. In a very brief post, the Netflix star revealed that she had a family member pass away recently.

Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown suffers tragic loss

Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to tell her 62.4M followers that her heart was broken as she suffered a tragic loss. According to the caption of her post, her grandfather passed away recently. The Netflix star opted not to share any additional details about her grandfather or how he passed away.

Millie did include a blurred photo of her grandfather with a huge smile on his face as he looked out of frame at something.

The post was liked just shy of a million times with over 7,000 of her followers pouring into the comments to send prayers and kind words in Millie’s direction. Even the official account for Instagram itself popped into the comments of Millie’s post to send the young actress “lots of love.”

Millie Bobby Brown - Instagram
Millie Bobby Brown – Instagram

With broken hearts for the young Stranger Things star, most fans kept their comments simple telling Millie how sorry they were for the loss of her grandfather. Fans hoped he died peacefully and they hoped Millie would be able to recover from the heartache.

She has been busy on a road trip

In the past week, Millie Bobby Brown hasn’t posted much on Instagram. In fact, a week prior she revealed she was going on some sort of road trip as she shared two photos of herself. In the first photo, she had a baseball cap on and she turned her head away from the camera. She was holding a phone up to her ear and rocking a pair of sunglasses.

“Keep driving,” she penned in the caption.

In a second photo, she ditched the hat allowing her short brown hair to flow down and around her face. She, however, opted to keep the sunglasses on. In the comments, her followers assumed she was referencing a song from Harry Styles. Some fans admitted they wanted more details about the ring on her finger in the first photo.

Millie Bobby Brown - Instagram
Millie Bobby Brown – Instagram

Most fans, however, just responded to the caption of the photo: “Should we just keep driving?”

Stranger Things fans urge Millie Bobby Brown to take all the time she needs to recover from this tragic loss.