Stripper Tierah Miller attacked ex with cash wad, police say

A disgruntled Florida stripper was arrested last month after she allegedly hurled a “large amount of rolled up money” at her co-worker’s head.

Tierah Miller, 29, and her accuser — a 34-year-old man that she had previously dated for six months, both work at the Baby Dolls strip club in Clearwater, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Smoking Gun.

The alleged cash attack happened inside the club on Feb. 26 at 11:55 a.m. — a week after the couple had called it quits, the complaint said.

When the man “attempted to walk across the stage to speak to another co-worker,” Miller purportedly hurled a “large” wad of cash at him, striking him in the back of the head, the report stated.

Miller was slapped with a misdemeanor domestic battery charge, according to the complaint — which noted that she appeared to be sober and the attack did not draw blood.

A picture of the suspect.
Tierah Miller, 29, was arrested after allegedly throwing a “large” wad of cash at her ex-boyfriend’s head on Feb. 26.

An outside shot of the club.
The alleged attack happened at Baby Dolls strip club in Clearwater, Florida.
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A copy of the criminal complaint
A criminal complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

It was unclear how much money was used in the attack, with the outlet speculating that “singles would appear to be a likely component.”

Miller was reportedly released from jail without bond and ordered to avoid contact with her ex-boyfriend, even as she was allowed to continue dancing at the club that employs them both.