‘Survivor’ Announces First Official Podcast With Jeff Probst

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There are a number of Survivor podcasts out there from players and fans. These podcasts circulate community dialogue, player interviews, and ideas about the past and future of the show. There has always been something of a distance between these pieces of media and the production of Survivor itself, though. Sometimes fans feel as though their voice is just not being heard by the team over at CBS. This may all be changing soon. We just got one of the most exciting Survivor announcements in a while, and it’s about a podcast. A podcast with the same legendary host as in Survivor itself, Jeff Probst.

The Official Survivor Podcast

The news about this upcoming podcast hit the internet recently and is already generating a lot of talk around the community. The podcast has the title On Fire With Jeff Probst and the synopsis promises a lot of big things. Mainly that it’s more than just a recap podcast.

rob has a podcast rob cesternino banner
‘Rob Has A Podcast’ is currently one of the top ‘Survivor’ podcasts in the community

“Our hope is that our fans will feature a deeper connection to the show because we’re going to use each episode as a jumping-off point to take you inside the art department or the casting process. How do we put somebody on the show? Or how do we come up with our ideas? And why so many idols, Probst?! Those kinds of things,” said Jeff Probst about the new podcast.

So the podcast will be a deep dive into the making of episodes, seasons, and why certain decisions are made. This is great considering the amount of controversy made in recent years over production decisions. This will finally give Probst and others a chance to speak more in-depth about the reasoning behind things like the 26-day seasons, fire-making at final four, and more. It will be especially interesting to see the question and answer section where Jeff speaks directly with fans. It has the hilarious segment title: “Why Jeff Sucks”.

Hopefully, Jeff actually feels a lot of love from the Survivor community through this podcast. It should be an opportunity for community feedback, both positive and negative, along with a chance for us to hear from them about why things are the way they are.

Season 44 Approaches

survivor season 44 three tribes episode 1
The three tribes from ‘Survivor’ 44 in the first episode

Season 44 of Survivor is now just around the corner. The excitement around the season was already high based on the reaction to the teaser video we got at the Season 43 finale. It’s been elevated even further by the hype generated around this podcast announcement. Fans are curious to see what this podcast is all about on top of the desire to meet the new cast finally.

Survivor Season 44 premieres on Wednesday, March 1st. The first episode of On Fire, the official podcast with Jeff Probst premieres right after the end of the show.