‘Survivor’ Leaks Major Season 44, Episode 4 Twist

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CBS has begun releasing cast photos from the upcoming fourth episode of Survivor 44. In a rare leak, one of those photos has revealed a major twist returning that has been gone for a while. It’s unknown at this time if the press photo was an intentional leak or an accident. But, regardless, we now have more details on what will transpire in next week’s Survivor episode. Let’s look at the leak and what it may mean for the Episode 4 elimination.

Swap Time

The press photo shows Jeff addressing the three tribes before Episode 4’s immunity challenge. Only, there’s something different about these three tribes. That’s right, it’s a tribe swap.

survivor 44 episode 4 tribe swap
A press photo from CBS showing off the tribe swap from Season 44, Episode 4

There hasn’t been a tribe swap in Survivor since Season 40 way back at the beginning of 2020. The tribe swap has been an integral part of the Survivor pre-merge since almost the beginning of the show. Having it gone for multiple seasons was an interesting change of pace that felt both new and old school. It’s nice to see it back, though, as it switches up the pre-merge dynamics and allows more players to meet each other.

This appears to be a different kind of swap, however, as it looks like only one player from each tribe has undergone a swap. We see Josh is now on Tika, Carson is now on Ratu, and Jaime is now on Soka. So it’s a small swap, but still a big change in dynamics for each of these tribes. It puts each of those players either in a very vulnerable position alone, or potentially powerful as a swing vote.

The Next Survivor Boot

On Tika, Josh may find security in Sarah, who was previously at the bottom of the three remaining players. On Ratu, Carson doesn’t really have anywhere to hide, but we’ve seen his social game is pretty crafty in the past. On Soka, things are a little chaotic. Matt has a fake idol that most players think is real, Danny has the real idol that nobody knows about, and Jaime also has a fake idol that only she knows about. Jaime could wind up being in trouble if she thinks she’s safe on her new tribe with a fake idol. It could also give her leverage if she shows it off to the tribe before going to a tribal council. Regardless of who wins next week’s immunity, it seems like tribal is going to be very interesting.

survivor season 44 cast
The cast of ‘Survivor’ Season 44

Survivor Season 44, Episode 4 will be premiering this upcoming Wednesday.