Targus buys Sanho and its Hyper line of accessories

Targus buys Sanho and its Hyper line of accessories

Two companies that have built their businesses on computer accessories are coming together. Targus, a company best known for its laptop cases and bags, today announced that it’s acquiring Sanho. You might not be familiar with Sanho itself, but it’s more likely you’d recognize the company’s Hyper and HyperDrive lineup of USB-C accessories that are sold on Amazon, at Best Buy, and elsewhere.

Targus CEO Mikel Williams said the deal “allows for Targus to add capability and support to Hyper’s growing tech brand, and gives Hyper access to new channels, customers and a global footprint of sales and marketing resources.” Williams added that “Hyper has a strong and exciting brand that has excellent reach into the Apple community and, importantly, the combination also brings really talented people to our team.”

That “reach” Williams mentions is probably a reference to the USB-C hubs that Hyper specifically designs to fit and latch onto Apple’s MacBooks and iPad Pro devices.

Image: Hyper

The company has also recently launched more powerful “Gen2” USB-C hubs that offer faster performance than earlier models. “We focus on first-to-market, award winning innovative products, that will bring long term value to the combined company,” said Daniel Chin, Hyper’s CEO.

Chin will continue to oversee Hyper as president. Targus and Hyper will maintain their separate brand identities and stay in their respective headquarters. (Targus is based in Anaheim, California, and Hyper operates out of the Silicon Valley area.)

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