How the metaverse is democratizing the fashion world

Make room on the runway, Armani, Versace and Ralph Lauren.  Fashion is being democratized — and its future is virtual and moving to the metaverse.  “The world’s next Coco Chanel might be a young, 10-year-old, 8-year-old girl designing clothes in Roblox,” Cathy Hackl, chief metaverse officer and co-founder of innovation and design consulting company Journey … Read more

How digital twins from Trusted Twin could help you turn your product into a service

To further strengthen our commitment to providing industry-leading coverage of data technology, VentureBeat is excited to welcome Andrew Brust and Tony Baer as regular contributors. Watch for their articles in the Data Pipeline. Large enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to transition from selling physical products to selling the functionality of these products as a … Read more

Twitch begins testing paid ‘Elevated Chat’ feature

Twitch will begin testing a way for its users to boost their chat messages on the platform. Called “Elevated Chat,” the “experiment” is meant to let users elevate their chat messages for a specific time using a one-time fee. The fees are presented in five different tiers ranging from 30 seconds to two and a … Read more

Stadia’s shutdown shocked developers, too

Stadia users weren’t the only people shocked to learn that Google would be shutting down the cloud gaming service; developers making games for the platform were surprised, too. “I woke up getting ready for my workday, and I see on our Discord private chat for the company that one of my employees sent a message … Read more

Google Stadia’s shutdown isn’t the end of cloud gaming

An understandable knee-jerk response to Google shuttering its Stadia game-streaming service is: That must be it for cloud gaming, right? We have proven that nobody wants it. Now go away with your laggy, fuzzy, insubstantial server-side gaming. The market says no. This is not the first time this has happened. Cloud gaming service OnLive tried … Read more

How to watch Tesla’s 2022 AI Day event

We don’t have a lot of details about what will be announced, but based on the invitation, we’re likely to hear about the “latest developments in artificial intelligence, including Full Self-Driving, Tesla Bot, Dojo, and more.” Musk has also said he views AI Day as a recruiting tool Musk has also said he views AI … Read more

Watch Tesla’s AI Day 2022 event at 9:15PM ET

Tesla is holding another AI Day, and it’ll be particularly easy to tune in. The automaker is streaming its 2022 event tonight at 9:15PM Eastern on YouTube (below) as well as its website. Elon Musk has warned the presentation will be “highly technical” and could last six hours, but you may have multiple reasons to … Read more